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How to file a demand for hearing

Note: Our Administrative Hearings unit is not accepting mail during this time. Please make all submissions electronically. If you have already submitted something in the mail, contact us and then submit again electronically.

Who can file

Any person or entity (business, organization, corporation, etc.) who has been harmed by an order, decision, action or proposed action of the insurance commissioner can file a demand for hearing to challenge that order, decision, action or proposed action.

Filing deadline

Your demand for hearing must be received by the Administrative Hearings unit of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) within 90 days of the date of the order or other act of the commissioner you are challenging or your right to demand a hearing will be waived.

If your demand for hearing is received before the effective date of the order, the requirements and penalties contained in the order will be postponed until a final decision is made by the presiding officer. 

What to file

Complete, date and sign the demand for hearing (PDF, 302.53KB) form.

Your demand for hearing can be in a separate document, but the completed demand for hearing form must be filed along with your demand.

Your attorney or representative can sign and file the demand, but the demand for hearing form must also include your contact information.

If challenging an order of the commissioner, a copy of the order should be attached to your demand.

Filing your demand

The Administrative Hearings unit recommends and prefers to have demands filed electronically.

Contact Administrative Hearings

You may also file your demand via fax: 360-664-2783, Attn: Rebekah Carter, Administrative Hearings Paralegal

Although not the preferred method, you may mail your demand here:

Administrative Hearings
Office of the Insurance Commissioner
P.O. Box 40255                 
Olympia, WA 98504-0255