For Producers

You're moving to Washington state

When you have a resident license from another state and are moving to Washington state

Exam requirements must be completed by anyone who wants a resident license, unless you had or have a resident license in another state before you move to Washington state.

The exam can be waived if you complete the following steps, in order, within 90 days of your move:

  1. Cancel your previous home state license.
  2. Apply for your resident Washington state license online (including paying new license fees).
  3. If you have a letter of clearance from your previous state, please attach to your application.
  4. Get your e-fingerprints.

If we receive an application, but it has been more than 90 days since your previous resident license was cancelled, you will not qualify for the exam waiver. You'll have to pass Washington state exam(s) before you apply for your resident license.

When you have a resident license from another state, a Washington state non-resident license and are moving to Washington

Follow the steps listed above, but call us before you apply online. We will need to modify your license record internally before our online system will allow you to list a new resident state on your online application.