Types of auto insurance for vehicles

Do I need auto coverage if I ride a motorcycle?

Motorcycles aren't considered autos and are not covered by your auto policy. They're also not subject to Washington state's mandatory auto-insurance law.

If you own a motorcycle, you must follow the Financial Responsibility Law (www.dol.wa.gov) and show proof of financial responsibility as a cycle rider. You can do this with a motorcycle liability policy.  For more information, contact the Department of Licensing (www.dol.wa.gov).

Do I need to buy additional coverage if I rent a car, truck or moving van?

Rental car companies will ask you if you want to pay extra for their auto insurance coverage. Before you rent, check with your insurance company to find out if your auto policy covers you for:

  • Liability when you cause an accident involving injury to others
  • Damage you cause to someone else's car or property, such as a house or fence
  • Damage you cause to the car or truck you're renting
  • Loss of use of the car or truck you're renting if it's not drivable

If you need to rent a large truck, such as a moving van, check with your insurance company or agent in advance to verify policy coverage. Some policies don't cover large vehicles over a certain weight.

Am I covered if I pull a trailer?

  • The liability coverage in your auto policy may provide coverage if you hurt someone or damage their property while you’re in transit with the trailer. You can also buy coverage for your trailer as an add-on to your existing auto policy.
  • If you have an RV or fifth-wheel vacation trailer, you can add coverage to your auto policy. If it’s not offered through your auto policy, you can buy a separate RV and trailer insurance policy.
  • For boat trailers, you can buy coverage under your boat policy.
  • Before you buy or tow any type of trailer, discuss all your options with your agent or broker, including coverage for your personal property in the trailer, collision, theft and vandalism.

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