For Consumers

Tracker ID lookup tab

The ability to review a filing, using a specific Tracker ID, can be performed from the Tracker ID lookup tab. 

Tracker ID tab screenshot

OIC Tracker ID

The OIC Tracker ID is a unique number used by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to individually identify a filing. It is always a number. Performing a search will provide the OIC Tracker ID.

Company Tracker ID

The Company Tracker ID number is assigned by the company. This number could contain letters and numbers.

SERFF Tracker ID

The SERFF tracker ID number is assigned by the company. Older filings contained a mix of letters and numbers. Newer filings start with the first four letters of the company name followed by a series of numbers.


Once you enter information using one of the above methods, a result list will appear. To view any filings from this tab, follow the Download and viewing instructions.