For Consumers

Things to consider when looking at a company's complaint

A complaint means someone disagreed with something the company did or didn't do. It doesn’t necessarily mean the company did anything wrong. Check into the outcome of a complaint to find out what actions our office took.

The company may be new to the state and thus not have any records to compare.

The complaint numbers will reflect the size of the company. You can find financial and premium volume information using one of these search tools:

Other factors to consider when shopping for insurance

  • In general, are the complaints against the company for the same reason? (For example, most are regarding claim denials.) Most companies have a wide variety of complaints, so complaints about the same issue could be a red flag.
  • What type of coverage are the complaints about? For example, when looking at auto complaints, check to see if the complaint was submitted for private passenger or commercial auto coverage.
  • Has the company broken any state insurance laws in the past two years?
  • Is the company authorized to sell insurance in Washington state?