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Statutes and rules governing administrative hearings

Rulemaking for administrative hearings is happening now

Your voice matters! You have the opportunity to weigh in on important changes to administrative hearing rules, such as what types of discovery can be made during the administrative hearing process. 

You are a stakeholder in this rulemaking session if you've ever been, will be or may represent a party in an administrative hearing conducted by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC). This can include appealing actions against you, threats of actions against you and situations such as licensees contesting the orders revoking their licenses. 

How to participate in this administrative hearings rulemaking session

If you'd like to get involved in this important rulemaking, please visit our rulemaking page to find more information about how, where and when to submit your comments:

More important information regarding administrative hearings held at the Office of the Insurance Commissioner can found in the statutes and rules cited below.

For OIC administrative hearings:

For all administrative hearings: