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Revising cross-references to sections in Chapters 284-43 and 284-170 (R 2016-11)

The insurance commissioner is revising cross-references to Chapters 284-43 and 284-170 WAC that are inaccurate as a result of the recent renumbering and re-ordering of these WAC Chapters.

Rule adopted on July 6, 2016

Expedited rule filed May 3, 2016

CR 105 text (PDF, 373KB)

No rule language is being changed in this process. For this filing to officially take effect, a CR103 will need to be filed in early July after the comment period; please submit your comments to the OIC Rules Coordinator.

In addition to the cross-reference changes within Chapters 284-43 and 284-170 WAC, the following WAC sections are affected:

  • 284-44-043
  • 294-44A-010
  • 284-46-507
  • 284-46A-010
  • 284-50-377
  • 284-51-215
  • 284-96-015

The only cross-references not being corrected by this rule filing are two in WAC 284-43-6060 and WAC 284-43-6200; rulemaking currently underway (R2016-06) will include these corrections.  You can view a comprehensive list of the proposed cross-reference changes (PDF, 179KB) in this final step of re-numbering and re-ordering the sections in Chapters 284-43 and 284-170 WAC.


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