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2,411 insurance companies doing business in Washington state
170,000 individuals licensed to sell insurance
55,000 tied directly to the insurance industry
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Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler is committed to consumer protection as his top priority. He also encourages innovative insurance products and services that can benefit consumers in Washington state. 

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Insurance Industry innovators are encouraged to talk to us early while products and services are in development. We can work with you to resolve any issues and explain the laws that guide insurance regulation in the state. 

Additionally, Washington is a business-friendly state for insurance innovators. Our state recently ranked top 10 in a Forbes survey of, "The Best States for Business."

Note: Information and any related documents you submit will become subject to public record. Under state law (, public records are subject to public records disclosure requests.

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If you have an idea for insurance innovation in Washington state, please contact us through one of the following ways: 

Note: We cannot accept requests for endorsements or solicitations of any kind and will not respond to such submissions.