For Consumers

Renumbering in WAC chapters 284-43 and 284-170 (R 2016-01)

In this CR-103 rule filing, the insurance commissioner is renumbering the health care networks and provider contracts and payment sections of Chapter 284-43 and moving them into WAC Chapter 284-170.

These steps will better cluster the rule sections by common topic and gain additional space in the currently overcrowded sections of Chapter 284-43.

No rule language is being changed in this process; cross references in these and other parts of WAC 284 that are changed as a result of this section movement and renumbering process will be corrected using a rule filing planned for spring 2016 (after this filing officially takes effect).

To see a crosswalk of the cross-reference changes that will be proposed in the next step of this rulemaking please click here

Rule adopted on March 23, 2016

Expedited rule filed on January 20, 2016