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Name Violation Issue Date Action Order

Student Conservation Association Inc, The
Charleston, NH
Failure to timely file. 10/9/2012 $750 Fine 12-0234

ABWE Foundation, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA
Issued 11 annuities prior to receiving a Certificate of Exemption. 11/26/2012 $2,750 Fine 12-0266

Advantage Dental Plan Incorporated
Redmond, OR
Failure to timely file. 5/15/2012 $1500 Fine 12-0122

Aetna Life Insurance Company
Hartford, CT
Using unapproved policy forms and rates; failing to file copies of all certificate forms and trust documents prior to use; providing disability coverage in the state of Washington which did not satisfy the benefits mandated by chapter 48.21 RCW. 12/18/2012 Consent Order Levying A Fine $1,000,000 fine and Compliance Plan 12-0197

Alessi, Dominic F.
Maple Heights, OH
Failure to report an administrative action; failure to respond. 8/8/2012 License revoked. 12-0220

Altig International Company
Redmond, WA
Knowingly accepting insurance business from unlicensed call center employees who were required to be licensed. 9/19/2012 $150,000 fine with $50,000 suspended and placing licensee on probationary status for two years. 12-0105

American Builders Insurance Company Risk Retention Group, Inc.
Sarasota, FL
Failure to maintain unimpaired paid-in capital and surplus. 12/21/2012 Revocation of registration 12-0328

American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science
New York, NY
Failed to maintain minimum unrestricted net assets. 5/4/2012 Order Suspending Certificate of Exemption 12-0110

American Distributing Company
Marysville, WA
Failure to timely file. 5/7/2012 $500 Fine 12-0114

American Fire and Casualty Company; Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, The; Ohio Security Insurance Company; West American Insurance Company
Fairfield, OH; Indianapolis, IN
Failure to timely file 10/12/2012 $1,250 fine 12-0253

American Income Life Insurance Company
Indianapolis, IN
Doing business through unlicensed call center employees who were required to be licensed. 1/11/2013 Consent Order Levying A Fine $75,000.00 fine 12-0291

American Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company
Lake Zurich, IL
Placed in Rehabilitation by the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. 9/10/2012 Order Suspending Certificate of Authority 12-0246

American Modern Home Service Company
Amelia, OH
Failure to timely file. 6/1/2012 Amended Order Revoking Certificate of Registration 12-0147

American National General Insurance Company and American National Property & Casualty Company
Springfield, MI
Using a rating rule of modification of a rating rule prior to filing it and issuing insurance contracts that were not in accordance with their filings then in effect. 4/27/2012 $20,000 fine with $10,000 suspended and Compliance Plan 12-0089

American Network Insurance Company
Harrisburg, PA
Placed in Rehabilitation by the Commonwealth court of Pennsylvania. 12/3/2012 Certificate of Authority suspended 12-0316

Amerigroup Washington, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA
Form A application for proposed acquisition of control of Amerigroup Washington, Inc. by WellPoint Inc. 12/21/2012 Proposed acquisition approved 12-0280

Anderson, Dave A.
Snohomish, WA
Failing to reply promptly in writing to an inquiry of the Commissioner relative to the business of insurance; Failing to account for and maintain all funds he received in his fiduciary capacity representing premiums in a separate account from all other business and personal funds; Failing to deposit in a separate account the cash premiums he received in his fiduciary capacity on Washington business; Failing to inform the Commissioner of a change of address within 30 days of the change. 11/14/2012 Order Revoking License 12-0304

AOPA Foundation, Inc., The
Frederick, MD
Issued one annuity prior to receiving its Certificate of Exemption. 6/25/2012 $325 Fine 12-0182

Arcadian Health Plan
Bothell, WA
Failure to timely file. 9/11/2012 $750 Fine 12-0225

Ardiente, Billi Jo
Auburn, WA
Failure to respond. 7/24/2012 License revoked. 12-0212

ARKIDUS HOME PROTECTION, INC., doing business as ARKIDUS HOME PROTECTION, www.theAHP.net, and http://consultinglifesolutions.com/; and REINALDO A. BERGES
Miami, FL
Unauthorized insurance and non-registered service contract sales. 12/19/2012 Order to Cease and Desist 12-0336

Auturo Roberts
Frisco, TX
Failure to report criminal history on license application 8/30/2012 Imposition of a fine in the amount of $1000; fine not paid within 15 days therefore License was revoked. 12-0028

Beaird, Aaron Travis and Team Financial Services LLC
Enumclaw, WA
Misrepresenting the terms of an insurance policy; failing to account for funds representing premiums received in a fiduciary capacity as a producer; diverting or appropriating funds to his own use; improperly withholding, misappropriating, or converting any moneys or properties received in the course of doing insurance; using fraudulent, coercive, or dishonest practices 10/31/2012 Order Revoking License 12-0284

Bell, Shelby “Saku” Horatio, d/b/a “Hobo Prince Economic Project “Be’Rio Transports”; Be’Rio Transports, LLC
Longview, WA; Vancouver, WA; and Portland, OR
Engaging in or transacting any insurance business in the State of Washington; selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance in this state without a license; soliciting Washington residents to purchase or participate in any unauthorized insurance arrangement; offering to Washington residents a plan or policy or coverage for any form of insurance or discount plan without submitting to examination by the Insurance Commissioner to determine the organization and solvency of the person or the entity offering such insurance, and to determine whether or not such person or entity complies with the applicable provisions of the Insurance Code. 4/2/2012 Order to Cease and Desist 12-0076

Bertrand, Angie M.
Mead, WA
Failure to respond. 6/18/2012 Order revoking license 12-0186

Besta, Kevin J.
Henderson, NV
Failure to report an administrative action; failure to respond. 6/1/2012 Order revoking license 12-0165

Bethesda Lutheran Foundation, Inc.
Watertown, WI
Failure to timely file. 3/28/2012 $1250 Fine 12-0056

Betts, Joseph C.
Bellevue, WA
Providing incorrect, misleading, incomplete, or materially untrue information in a license application; obtaining or attempting to obtain a license through misrepresentation 5/4/2012 $500 fine 12-0113

Bishop, Andrew
Auburn, WA
Inducing unlicensed person to sell insurance. 2/25/2013 Consent Order Levying A Fine $500 fine 12-0323

Bituminous Casualty Corporation
Rock Island, IL
Failing to issue an endorsement changing the rate to comply with the Commissioner’s disapproval prior to the date the rate is deemed no longer effective; failing to stop using the disapproved rate; using, and continuing for over six years, to use a rate which had been disapproved; failing to respond to communications by the OIC within fifteen business days. 7/10/2012 $70,000 with $30,000 suspended and Compliance Plan 12-0137

Black, Jennifer
Bonney Lake, WA
Failure to respond. 3/13/2012 License revoked. 12-0070

Bochsler, Nathan J.
Seattle, WA
Falsified documents and/or directed the falsification of documents in connection with the sale of an insurance policy; misrepresented and submitted false information in an application for insurance 1/24/2013 $2000 fine imposed after hearing 12-0023

Boswell, Larissa M.
Richfield, MN
Probation due to fees owed to State of Minnesota - on payment plan. 10/30/2012 Consent Order Setting Conditions For Probationary Independent Adjuster's License. 12-0272

Boyd, Lavon
Chicago, IL
Failure to pay his child support as required. 7/23/2012 Consent Order Setting Conditions for Probationary Producer's License 12-0171

Brewer, Robert
Vancouver, WA
Misrepresentation of the terms or benefits of a policy; failure to keep adequate records of insurance transactions; failure to submit surety bonds to an insurer for issuance 1/21/2013 Stipulation and Consent Order Not to Renew and For Surrender of License 12-0259
Comments: Hearing requested on order of revocation, order of revocation stayed, stipulation and consent order entered into in lieu of hearing.

Bridge, Russell
Lacey, WA
Owing the State of California $2,143 in unpaid court costs and fees from a 2009 misdemeanor criminal conviction. 3/20/2012 Consent Order Setting Conditions for Probationary Producer’s License 12-0074

Bryant, Patrick
Boise, ID
Falsified common policy declarations to obtain quotes in order to fulfill employer's productivity requirement. 10/24/2012 Licensee ordered to pay fine in the amount of $500. 12-0086

Buchanan, Alisha
Lewisville, TX
Failure to promptly reply in writing to an inquiry of the Commissioner relative to business of insurance. 2/13/2012 Order Revoking License 12-0019

Butler, Alton
Enumclaw, WA
Failure to report the existence of an administrative action to the Insurance Commissioner 2/25/2012 Order Revoking License upheld by Chief Hearing Officer. 12-0030

Buzia, Amber M.
Apopka, FL
Failure to respond. 10/31/2012 Consent Order Rescinding Previous OIC Revocation Order No. D02-216 And Levying A Fine. Fine $500.00 12-0273

Cardoza, Tanya
Kelso, WA
Outstanding court debt. 4/5/2012 Consent Order Setting Conditions for Probationary Producer’s License 12-0095

Carlton, Michael T.
Marysville, WA
Misrepresenting the terms of a policy or benefits; failing to provide a complete and accurate Replacement Form. 7/10/2012 $500 fine. 12-0159

Casey Bail Company and John P. Casey
Bremerton, WA
Permitting an unlicensed individual to write bail bonds on their behalf and allowing an individual to issue bail bonds without an affiliation. 3/23/2012 $4,500 with $2,500 suspended 12-0075

Cashion, Connie E.
Holliday, TX
Failing to respond to inquiries of the Commissioner; failing to provide a replacement fingerprint card as requested 12/20/2012 Order Revoking License 12-0339
Comments: Order No. 12-0339 was rescinded under Consent Order Rescinding Previous Revocation Order No. 12-0339 and Levying a Fine, Order No. 13-0116.

Celestino, Ana
Pasco, WA
Collecting producer fees without providing written disclosure to the consumer regarding the fee and the compensation to be received from the insurer and without obtaining the consumer’s written agreement to the fee. 8/15/2012 $250 fine 12-0218

Celtic Insurance Company
Chicago, IL
Using unlicensed producers to sell, solicit, and negotiate policies of insurance 11/29/2012 $4,500 fine 12-0283

Cervantes, Arthur
Bellevue, WA
Failure to fairly and adequately highlight the points raised by the questions on Washington’s mandatory replacement form. 5/31/2012 $500 fine 12-0106

Chadwick, Edward J.
Yakima, WA
Offering a prize worth more than $25 as an inducement to insurance. 8/6/2012 $1,000 fine 12-0204

Chan, Sam Y.
Renton, WA
Repeatedly using fraudulent or dishonest practiced and repeatedly demonstrating his untrustworthiness; willfully failing to reveal a material fact relative to an application for an annuity; providing incorrect, misleading, incomplete, and materially untrue information in a license application; failing to demonstrate good faith; failing to practice honestly and equity and using deception in the business of insurance; failing to affirmatively and properly notify OIC and provide OIC with information and documents regarding a criminal prosecution; and failing to timely advise OIC of the licensee’s address of record. 8/7/2013 Order Revoking License upheld after hearing. 12-0103

Chenaur, Nelson G.
Covington, WA
Failing to respond to inquiries of the Commissioner; failing to provide a fingerprint card as requested. 1/23/2013 Order rescinded. 12-0318
Comments: Order 12-0318 was rescinded.

Orders 1 to 50 of 287
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These enforcement actions taken by Mike Kreidler, Washington state Insurance Commissioner, are a primary tool in protecting the people of Washington.

Type of Entity Authority to Suspend or Revoke Authority to Fine
Agent or broker RCW 48.17.530 RCW 48.17.560
Insurance company RCW 48.05.140 RCW 48.05.185
Health care service contractor RCW 48.44.160 RCW 48.44.166
Health maintenance organization (HMO) RCW 48.46.130 and RCW 48.46.135

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