2011 Orders

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Orders 251 to 261 of 261
Name Violation Issue Date Action Order

Washington Dental Service
Seattle, WA
Failure to timely file registration statement. 6/3/2011 $500 fine 11-0116

Welch, Paul D.,
Gainesville, GA
Failure to respond. 1/7/2011 Revocation 11-0004
Comments: Re: Administrative action taken by the state of Georgia

Wellsandt, Douglas D.
Hayden, ID
By delivering insurance policy forms to Washington consumers which had not been filed with and approved by the Insurance Commissioner and by falsely stating Idaho was the sales location that were actually made in Washington and for applications that were signed in Washington. 1/23/2012 Fine $5,000 and license suspension for three months 11-0305

Western Insurance Company
Reno, NV
Placed in Liquidation. 9/30/2011 Revoked 11-0213

Western United Life Assurance Company
Spokane, WA
Failure to timely file. 9/22/2011 $750 Fine 11-0216

Wheeler, Winslow B.
Jacksonville, FL
Conviction and the revocation of his resident license, Respondent no longer qualifies to hold a nonresident producerís license. 9/16/2011 Order Revoking License 11-0218

White, Dounia A.
Carmel, IN
Failure to pay her fine has kept her conviction as an undesignated offense and demonstrates financial irresponsibility, authorizing the OIC to issue her producerís license on a probationary basis until she has paid the fine. 10/17/2011 Consent Order Setting Conditions for Probationary Producerís License 11-0225

White, Suzanne Marie
New York, NY
Failure to respond. 11/1/2011 Order revoking license. 11-0252

Wolf, Ross S.
Sammamish, WA
Acting as an agent of an insurer without an appointment from the insurer. Making a false or misleading statement or impersonation in or relative to an application for insurance. 1/31/2012 $2,000 Fine 11-0165

Young Mens Christian Association of Greater Seattle
Seattle, WA
Failure to file. 4/28/2011 $2,000 fine 11-0012

Young, Sarah Ellen
Enumclaw, WA
Failure to respond, failure to provide fingerprint card. 5/5/2011 Order Revoking License Rescinded. 11-0085
Comments: Order No. 11-0085 was rescinded.

Orders 251 to 261 of 261
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These enforcement actions taken by Mike Kreidler, Washington state Insurance Commissioner, are a primary tool in protecting the people of Washington.

Type of Entity Authority to Suspend or Revoke Authority to Fine
Agent or broker RCW 48.17.530 RCW 48.17.560
Insurance company RCW 48.05.140 RCW 48.05.185
Health care service contractor RCW 48.44.160 RCW 48.44.166
Health maintenance organization (HMO) RCW 48.46.130 and RCW 48.46.135

Updated 03/20/2016

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