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McVeigh, Jessica A.
Ft. Madison, IA
Failure to respond. 8/21/2007 Revocation D07-0294
Comments: Fingerprint replacement card.

Merit Life Insurance Company and Yosemite Insurance Company
Evansville, IN
Failure to timely file. 2/20/2007 $125 Fine Each D07-13

Meyers, Donald J.
Sacramento, CA
Failure to respond. 10/11/2007 Revocation D07-0321
Comments: Fingerprint replacement card

MGA Insurance Company
Dallas, TX
Failure to timely file annual financial statement. 3/15/2007 $500 Fine D07-73

Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA
Failure to timley file. 6/28/2007 $1,000 Fine D07-0163

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Los Angeles, CA
The organization issued thirty-two annuities prior to recieving its certificate of exemption. 5/22/2007 $4,800 Fine D07-151

Molina Healthcare of Washington, Inc.
Bothell, WA
Failure to have at least one third of its Board of Directors include consumers who are representative of the enrolled population, failure to have its delegates track and account for allowable expenses in administering coordination of benefits, failure to have its delegates pay and pursue claims for prenatal care and preventive pediatric care services, and use of unfiled provider contracts. 4/16/2007 $30,000 Fine with $15,000 suspended and Compliance Plan D07-97

Montana State University Foundation Inc.
Bozeman, MT
Issued one annuity prior to receiving its Certificate of Exemption. 11/30/2007 $500 Fine D07-0327

Monumental Life Insurance Company
Baltimore, MD
Using unfiled rates. 4/5/2007 $5,000 Fine D07-110

Morris Animal Foundation
Engelwood, CO
Failure to timely file. 6/11/2007 $2,500 Fine D07-0180

National Association of Broadcasters
Washington, DC
National Association of Broadcasters: (1) failed to utilize a properly licensed agent in the procuring of liability insurance for a Washington purchasing group member, which is a violation of RCW 48.92.120(2)(b) and WAC 284-92-250; (2) failed to identify an agent holding a Washington license and appointment, as required under Chapter 48.17 RCW, to place coverage on behalf of a Purchasing Group member with the designated carrier(s), which is a violation of RCW 48.92.080(2). (As a clarifying comment, while a notification was apparently made on December 21, 2004, the named agent had no valid Washington license at the time, hence failing to satisfy either RCW 48.92.080(1)(e) or 48.92.080(1)(g).) 12/5/2007 $1,000 Fine D07-0324

National Casualty Company
Madison, WI
Failure to timely file all or portions of the annual financial statement. 4/17/2007 $250 Fine D07-121

National Life Insurance Company
Montperlier, VT
Failure to timely file. 3/23/2007 $1,750 Fine D07-74

Nationwide Sales Solutions
Lynchburg, VA
Non-violation, licensing agreement. 1/2/2008 The Insurance Commissioner will issue appropriate non-resident licenses to qualified NISSI employees applying for non-resident agents licenses in Washington pursuant to the terms and conditions. G07-357

Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.
New York, New York
Issued thirty-five annuities in the State of Washington prior to receiving its Certificate of Exemption. 12/13/2007 $5,150 Fine D07-0326

North American Dealer Co-op, National Administrative Dealer Services, Inc., and Henry C. Bailey, Jr.
Lakewood, CO
Unauthorized insurer. 7/10/2009 Cease and desist offering of NADC program 07-0149

Northwest Dentists Insurance Company, a Washington Domiciled Property & Casualty Insurer By Health Services Group, Inc., & Washington State Dental Association
Seattle, WA
Acquisition approval. 3/7/2007 Acquisition approved G07-13

O'Beirne, Patrick J.
Duarte, CA
Failure to respond. 6/18/2007 Revocation D07-0195
Comments: Fingerprint replacement card.

Olympic Memorial Hospital Foundation #33
Port Angeles, WA
Failure to Meet Minimum Financial Requirements 4/16/2007 Suspension G07-34

Omni Insurance Company, Omni Indemnity Company, and Trumbull Insurance Company
Generating documents that did not include Companiesí legal names, issuing policies through a licensee with a cancelled appointment, failing to maintain sufficient information to reconstruct pertinent events and dates of such events, failure to complete claim investigations within 30 days, failure to pay or correctly pay license fees back to insureds, wrongly denying part of a PIP claim for lack of information when the information was in the file, documents failing to include the specific written explanation of coverage that must be provided to all PIP insureds. 1/29/2008 $50,000 Fine with $25,000 suspended and Compliance Plan D07-329

Opportunity International , Inc. #296
Oak Brook, IL
Failure to file. 4/16/2007 Suspension G07-35

Oregon Mutual Insurance Company
Mc Minnville, OR
Failure to timely file audited financial statement. 5/8/2007 $375 Fine D07-117

Pacific Employers Insurance Company
Philadelphia, PA
Failure to timely file. 3/14/2007 $1,000 Fine D07-41

Pacificare Life & Health Insurance Company
Indianapolis, IN
Failure to timely file. 2/26/2007 $750 Fine D07-6

Pacificare Life Assurance Company
Denver, CO
Failure to timely file. 2/20/2007 $1,000 Fine D07-5

Pacificare of Oregon, Inc.
Lake Oswego, OR
Failure to timely file. 11/7/2007 $1,000 Fine D07-0317

Pacificare of Washington
Mercer Island, WA
Failure to timely file. 10/19/2007 $1,125 Fine D07-0318

Padilla, Mike L.
San Antonio, TX
Failure to respond. 4/25/2007 Revocation D07-147
Comments: Involves background check.

Padron, Juan
Duncanville, TX
Failure to respond. 4/16/2007 Revocation D07-138
Comments: Background check revealed charges and licensee did not respond to inquiry about these.

Pan-American Assurance Company
New Orleans, LA
Failure to timely file annual financial statement. 2/15/2007 $750 Fine D07-2

Pan-American Life Insurance Company
New Orleans, LA
Failure to timely file annual financial statement. 2/8/2007 $750 Fine D07-1

Paterson, Kirsten Molbak
Seattle, WA
Misrepresentation of benefits or advantages of a policy or a contract , in violation of RCW 48.30.090, and twisting, in violation of RCW 48.30.180. 6/14/2007 $6,000 fine, $3,000 suspended D07-0193

Pathfinder Insurance Company
Denver, CO
Failure to timely file. 8/7/2007 $250 Fine D07-0280

Patterson, Allisan J.
Vancouver, WA
Failure to respond. 8/10/2007 Revocation D07-0290
Comments: Fingerprint replacement card

Peak Property & Casualty Insurance Company
Stevens Point, WI
Failure to timely file. 4/19/2007 $1,500 Fine D07-115

PEMCO Life Insurance Company
Seattle, WA
Failing to report to the Insurance Commissioner all dividends and other distributions to shareholders within five business days after their declaration and at least fifteen business days before payment. 7/31/2007 $2,000 Fine D07-287

Permanent General Assurance Corporation
Nashville, TN
Failure to timely file. 5/1/2007 $1,125 Fine D07-113

Philadelphia American Life insurance Company
Houston, TX
Failure to timely file. 4/3/2007 $625 Fine D07-75

Physicians Life Insurance Company
Omaha, NE
Failure to timely file. 4/12/2007 $1,125 Fine D07-109

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
Omaha, NE
Failure to timely file. 4/12/2007 $625 Fine D07-108

Platinum Underwriters Reinsurance, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
Failure to timely file annual financial statement. 2/9/2007 $1,875 D07-19

Plymouth Congregational Church #132
Seattle, WA
Failure to timely file. 6/11/2007 $1,000 Fine D07-0172

Premera Blue Cross
Mountlake Terrace, WA
Company failed to provide timely notice of discontinuing existing contracts. 12/6/2007 $5,000 Fine D07-302

Presidential Life Insurance Company
Nyack, NY
Failure to timely file. 3/8/2007 $1,500 Fine D07-76

Primerica Life Insurance Company
Boston, MA
Removal of disability from its Certificate of Authority. 7/7/2007 Consent Order G07-0196

Producers Agriculture Insurance Company
Amarillo, TX
Failure to timely file. 4/13/2007 $750 Fine D07-107

Progressive Classic Insurance Company and Progressive Northwestern Insurance Company
Mayfield Village, OH
Using unfiled rates. 8/9/2007 $100,000 Fine with $50,000 suspended, imposition of $5,000 suspended portion of fine from Consent Order D05-392, and Compliance Plan D07-188

Progressive Max Insurance Company
Mayfield Village, OH
Using unfiled rates. 8/9/2007 $1,000 Fine, $95,366 suspended portion of fine from Consent Order D05-26, and Compliance Plan D07-189

Proselect National Insurance Company
Phoenix, AZ
Failure to timely file. 3/21/2007 $1,625 Fine D07-77

Providence Health Care
Seattle, WA
Failed file annual statement under proper legal name. 10/24/2007 $3,000 Fine D07-0198

Orders 151 to 200 of 280
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These enforcement actions taken by Mike Kreidler, Washington state Insurance Commissioner, are a primary tool in protecting the people of Washington.

Type of Entity Authority to Suspend or Revoke Authority to Fine
Agent or broker RCW 48.17.530 RCW 48.17.560
Insurance company RCW 48.05.140 RCW 48.05.185
Health care service contractor RCW 48.44.160 RCW 48.44.166
Health maintenance organization (HMO) RCW 48.46.130 and RCW 48.46.135

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