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Kreidler fines Asuris Health insurance $20,000 for denying consumer claims after approving medical treatment

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March 26, 2019

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler disciplined and issued fines in February totaling $79,400 against insurance companies, agents, brokers and others who violated state insurance regulations.

Insurance companies

Asuris Northwest Health, Seattle; fined $20,000, order 18-0512

The company retroactively denied coverage for a consumer who had received prior authorization for medical treatment. Kreidler asked Asuris to conduct a review, which found 11 consumers and 15 claims that were similarly affected. The company reprocessed and paid the affected claims. It stated the reason for the denials was confusion with its third-party administrator about which providers were in network. 

Kreidler fined the following insurance companies for violating state laws:

  • Homesite Insurance Co. of the Midwest, Madison, Wisc.; fined $15,000, order 19-0044
  • Aetna Life Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn.; fined $5,000, order 19-0056
  • Praetorian Insurance Co., Harrisburg, Penn.; fined $3,000, order 19-0046

Agents and brokers

Kreidler revoked the licenses of the following insurance producers:

The following insurance producers relinquished their licenses:

Kreidler fined the following insurance producers:

  • John A. Hunter Jr. and Hunter Insurance Agency, Bothell, Wash.; fined $2,000 and licenses placed on probation, order 18-0514
  • Thomas Anthony Velickoff, Cashmere, Wash.; fined $500, order 18-0527
  • Alfred Interwest Insurance Inc., and Kimberly D. Punt, Port Orchard, Wash.; fined $500, order 19-0037
  • John Carles Lynch, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; fined $6,000, order 18-0473
  • Rebecca Burroughs Adams, Arlington, Texas; fined $1,000, order 19-0061
  • DJM Inc. and Darrin J. Mroz, El Cajon, Calif.; fined $1,000, order 19-0051
  • Mark D. Derrenberger, Garden City, NY; fined $400, order 19-0038

Other organizations 

Kreidler disciplined the following organizations for operating in Washington without being registered:

  • Southeast Missouri University Foundation, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Fined $10,000, order 19-0058
  • Tire Shield, Florida, fined $15,000 and assessed $1,107, order 19-0039

About the Office 

Kreidler’s office oversees Washington’s insurance industry to ensure that companies, agents and brokers follow state laws. Since 2001, Kreidler has assessed more than $26 million in fines, which are deposited in the state's general fund to pay for state services. 

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner publishes disciplinary orders against companies, agents and brokers. 

For an insurance question or complaint, contact Kreidler’s consumer advocates online or by phone at 800-562-6900.