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Kreidler disciplines, fines insurance professionals in January

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February 21, 2019

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler disciplined and issued fines in January totaling $5,900 against insurance companies, agents and others who violated state insurance regulations.

Insurance companies

  • Pacific Blue Health Network, New York City; ordered to cease and desist from selling insurance without a certificate of authority, order 19-0057
  • Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., Fort Wayne, Ind.; ordered to cease and desist selling insurance through unlicensed producers, order 19-0033

Agents and brokers

Kreidler disciplined the following insurance producers for violating insurance regulations in their dealings with policyholders:

  • Gregory D. Lone, East Wenatchee, Wash.; fined $3,000, order 18-0443
  • American Insure All Agency, Inc., Lynwood, Wash.; fined $1,000, order 18-0466
  • Jeff D. Graham, Puyallup, Wash.; license revoked, order 18-0496
  • Chandler Parker Widman, Spokane Valley, Wash.; license revoked, order 18-0532
  • PBI Insurance Agency LLC, Clackamas, Ore., and Jeremy Lowell Rugg, Wilsonville, Ore.; license revoked, order 19-0009
  • Luke Smith, Clackamas, Ore.; license revoked, order 19-0010

Kreidler disciplined the following insurance producers for violating state licensing laws:

  • Raymand Luther McGee, Seattle, license revoked, order 18-0516
  • Leon Brooks, Spokane Valley, Wash.; license revoked, order 19-0035
  • Tamara Reinecke Wong or Wong & Associates, Portland; fined $250 and license suspended, order 18-0508
  • Nikia V. Jones, Chicago; license revoked, order 18-0510
  • Miranda Eaddy, Windsor, Conn.; license revoked, order 18-0511
  • D Juane Antoinette Anthony, Las Vegas; license revoked, order 18-0521
  • Stephanie L. Bale, Lockport, N.Y.; license revoked, order 19-0001
  • Paul McCaskill, Carrollton, Texas; license revoked, order 19-0003
  • Deborah Lynn Miner, Woodstock, Ill.; license revoked, order 19-0004
  • Christopher Lee Pounds, Overland Park, Kan.; license suspended, order 19-0006
  • Justin David Mann, Phoenix; license revoked, order 19-0011
  • Brent D. Mann, Chandler, Ariz.; license revoked, order 19-0012
  • Tracy Lawrence, Creve Couer, Mo.; license revoked, order 19-0021
  • Higginbotham Insurance Agency., Inc.; Fort Worth, Texas; fined $250, order 19-0036

Other organizations 

  • Regence BlueShield continuing education, Seattle; fined $1,400, order 18-0518

About the Office 

Kreidler’s office oversees Washington’s insurance industry to ensure that companies, agents and brokers follow state laws. Since 2001, Kreidler has assessed more than $26 million in fines, which are deposited in the state's general fund to pay for state services. 

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner publishes disciplinary orders against companies, agents and brokers. 

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