For Consumers

Making comments

How to comment on a rate request

  1. In your search results, find the company about which you’d like to comment.
  2. In the "Public comments" column, click the "Comments" link that corresponds to the insurance company. Note: Additional comments aren't allowed after a decision has been made, but you can view the comments of others.
  3. Under "Make a comment," enter your comments (1,000 characters or less). Note: Review your comments carefully because they can't be edited or deleted after they are published!
  4. Click "Submit."

When can I comment?

You can comment on any rate request while it is still under review. Once a decision is made, the comment period is closed.

The amount of time we have to review a rate request depends on the type of plan. Individual health plan rate requests must be reviewed within 60 days; small-employer plan rates do not have a review deadline.

What happened to my comment?

Each comment is reviewed by a moderator and posted within 24 hours (on weekdays). We reserve the right to reject inappropriate comments. If you don’t see your comment, check back within 24 hours or submit a revised comment. See our terms of use.