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Name/docket no. Type of action Status Documents are in PDF format

Unified Life Insurance Company


Appeal to OIC's Consent Order Levying Fine

Fine imposed

Final Order
Notice of Hearing
Letter to Parties 2 24 10
OIC Hearing Memo
Unified Hearing Memo
Demand for Hearing
Consent Order

Unigard Insurance Company and Unigard Indemnity Company


Proposed Redomestication

Redomestication approved

Final decision

Notice of Hearing
Receipt of Demand
Demand for Hearing
Certificates of Authority
Financial Statements
Request & Support Docs

Unigard Insurance Company, Unigard Indemnity Company, Unigard Pacific Insurance Company, Winterthur U.S. Holdings, Inc., by QBE Holdings, Inc., and QBE Insurance Group Limited

Proposed Acquisition

Acquisition approved

Final decision
Notice of hearing
Form A
Stock purchase agrmt
Background ltr
QBE current org chart
QBE post org chart
Winterthur U.S holdings current & post org charts
Request for hearing

Unigard Pacific Insurance Company with and into Unigard Insurance Company


Merger approved

Final decision
Notice of hearing
Form A

Unimed Insurance Company; et al.

Appeal OIC's Cease & Desist Order

Proceedings terminated

Final decision

United General Title Insurance Co.
OAH - 2006-INS-0011

Appeal OIC's Proposed Consent Order/Fine

Proceedings terminated

Final order

United Healthcare Insurance Company

Appeal OIC's Proposed Consent Order / Request Imposition of Fine

Settlement reached

Stipulation & order
Summary judgment
United's July 19 ltr
Action request ltr
Demand for hearing
Incomplete request ltr
OIC's request

Imposition of fine

United Heritage Life Insurance Company

Appeal OIC's Proposed Consent Order/Fine

Settlement reached

Final decision

United Heritage Life Insurance

Appeal OIC's Proposed Consent Order

Settlement reached

Final decision
Notice of hearing
PHC conference order
Demand for hearing
Proposed order

Order imposing fine

United of Omaha Life Insurance Co. & Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co.

Appeal RCW 48.23.345 requirements as to juvenile life insurance guidelines/standards

Proceedings terminated

Final stipulation
Ltr regard stipulation
Stipulation & order
Notice of hearing
Demand for hearing

The Unity Group, Inc.


Proposed Consent Order


Matter terminated - proposed disciplinary action withdrawn


Order terminating proceedings (79KB)

OIC letter requesting termination of proceedings (25KB)

Notice of Hearing (110KB)

Receipt of Demand (60KB)

Demand for Hearing (102KB)


U.S. Life Insurance Co. of the City of N.Y.

Appeal OIC's Suspension of Certificate

Proceedings terminated

Final order

Unity of HR of Washington (Washington Assigned Risk Plan)

Demand for Hearing filed to Review Decision by Plan Governing Committee of the WSUS Long Shore & Harbor Worker's Compensation Act Risk Plan

Plan Governing Committee's decision denied - Coverage granted

Ct of Appeals decision
Superior court decision
Reconsideration order
Final decision

Unum Life Insurance Company

Appeal OIC's Proposed Consent Order/Fine

Proceedings terminated

Final decision

Van Landingham, Gary

Appeal Order Revoking License

Proceedings terminated - Order vacated

Stipulation and order
Notice of hearing
Receipt of request

Request for hearing
Order revoking license

Viatical Benefactors, LLC

Viatical Benefactors appeal of OIC's denial of its application for Certificate of Authority


Final decision

Verginia, Chad M


Order Revoking License

Revocation upheld


Final decision

Notice of Hearing

Receipt of Demand

Demand for Hearing

Order Revoking License

Vick, Charles P., and Senior Life Planning Services, LLC.,


Order Revoking Licenses

Licenses revoked

Final Order

Order Continuance of Hrg.

Notice of hearing

Receipt of request

Filed documents

Villarreal, Geronimo R. and Villarreal Insurance and Taxes


OIC Notice to Show Cause


Settled: proceedings terminated


Order Terminating Proceedings (346KB)

Notice of Hearing (133KB)

Notice of Appearance (45KB)

Receipt of Notice (63KB)

OIC Notice to Show Cause (820KB)

Vision Service Plan


Form A Application


Merger approved



Final Order Approving Merger (325KB)

Appointment letter (35KB); Delegation of Authority (66KB)

Applicants' Prefiled Statements and Testimony (280KB)

Declaration of Ronald Pastuch (351KB)

Notice of Hearing (282KB)

Receipt of Form A Application (83KB)

OIC Transmittal of Application (101KB)

Form A Statement with supporting docs (406KB)

Form D Notification (197KB)

Mid-Atlantic VSP 2013 Financial Statement (3.6MB)

Vision Service Plan 2013 Financial Statement (2.3MB)

Biographical Affidavits (4-5MB each): Alpert, Ball, Bronstein, Fessler, Grubbs, Jankowski, Jennings, JohnsonCA, JohnsonGK, Lee, Lynch, Mannen, Murphy, Oakley, O'Connell, Passuelo, Renwick, Reynolds, Steere, Thomas

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