North Coast Life Form A Supporting Documents

Exhibit A   Common Stock and Surplus Debenture Subscription Agreement (15MB)

Exhibit B   Plan and Agreement of Merger (6MB)

Exhibit C   Resolutions Adopted by the Board of Directors of Applicant, the Domestic Insurer and GPM Merger Corporation approving the Plan and Agreement of Merger (6MB)

Exhibit D   Shareholders' Agreement (2MB)

Exhibit E   Organizational Chart of Applicant (37KB)

Exhibit F   Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of GPM Merger Corp (2MB)

Exhibit G   List of Officers and Directors, GPM Merger Corporation (32KB)

Exhibit H   Biographical Affidavits (7MB)

Exhibit I    Pro Forma Summary Financial Statements, Domestic Insurer (468KB)

Exhibit M   Pro Forma Internal Financial Statement for GPM Merger Corporation (49KB)

Government Personnel Mutual Life Annual Financial Statements (Exhibit J)

2007 Statement Part 1 (1MB)   Part 2 (1MB)    Part 3 (2MB)
2008 Statement Part 1 (612KB) Part 2 (468KB) Part 3 (1MB)
2009 Statement Part 1 (626KB) Part 2 (499KB) Part 3 (1MB)
2010 Statement Part 1 (641KB) Part 2 (558KB) Part 3 (1MB)
2011 Statement Part 1 (585KB) Part 2 (587KB) Part 3 (2MB) 
2012 Quarter 2 Statement (439KB)


Texas Directors Annual Financial Statements (Exhibit K)

2009 Statement (40MB)
2010 Statement Part 1 (343KB) Part 2 (403KB) Part 3 (271KB)
2011 Statement Part 1 (306KB) Part 2 (437KB) Part 3 (238KB)

Government Personnel Mutual Life Audited Financial Statements (Exhibit L)

Audited Statements 2007-2011 (13MB)

North Coast Life Financial Statement

2012 Quarter 2 Statement (457KB)

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