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How to submit questions about title insurance inducements rules

In an effort to communicate consistently, we have formed a team of internal staff to address communications such as yours. Rather than respond to individual inquiries, the team meets to review questions, identify general themes and post responses on our website. 

Find answers to frequently asked questions

We have frequently asked questions about title insurance to assist you. If you have not already done so, please read the title insurance rules and the FAQ to see if they answer your question. These rules establish specific requirements. If a situation is not specifically listed in the new rules, it is not allowed.

How to get the fastest response to your question

When submitting a question, you must identity the specific section(s) or subsection(s) of WAC 284-29-200 through -265 ( that you believe clearly permits the subject of your question. This will ensure you receive a faster response. If you're unable to find or identify a specific regulation, then it means the practice or conduct you're asking about isn't allowed. See RCW 48.29.210(2) (

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We hope this information is helpful. If you have other questions, please submit them using this e-form and we will address them through the process described above.