For Consumers

Homeowner insurance - liability protection

Medical payments

This pays the medical expenses of others when they're accidentally injured on your property. Most policies include at least $1,000 of coverage, but you can get higher limits. Generally, this coverage applies only to guests who are on your property with your permission.


This pays expenses for bodily injury and property damage that happens to others when you're legally liable. For example: If you knew you had a loose deck railing and someone leaned on it, and fell off and was hurt, you can be held liable.

Most policies include at least $100,000 of coverage, but higher limits may be available.

Personal liability

This extends coverage beyond your property limits. If an incident occurs involving family members who live with you (as defined in your policy) at other locations, it will cover the liability of your family members. For example: It may provide coverage if your minor child damages a neighbor’s property.