For Consumers

Holocaust survivor's assistance program

The Washington state Legislature created this program to help Holocaust survivors, their families and heirs recover money from insurance policies and related assets.

What the program has accomplished 

Through this program, 203 Washington state Holocaust survivors have filed 860 claims for more than $1 million in life-insurance proceeds. 

Can I still file a claim? 

The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC) no longer accepts claims. However, the following insurance companies still accept claims directly from consumers:

To file a claim with one of these companies, contact the company directly.

How to find out if a family member held a policy 

Aside from any records you may possess, there are some lists available that contain names of some policyholders. Unfortunately, many lists were not made available or were limited. For more information, check out the following lists:

Where to find historical documents for this program 

Call the Washington State Archives ( at 360-586-1492.