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REtitle Insurance Company acquisition by A10 Capital LLC

This may not be a complete record of the materials in this case. Additional material may be obtained through the OIC Public Records Office.

Hearing information and documents. 

Docket number:




Type of action:

Acquisition of Control (Form A)


Order approving acquisition with conditions vacated


Admitted Exhibits: OIC-1 (PDF, 2,871 KB)OIC-2 (PDF, 8.834 KB); OIC-3 (PDF, 554 KB);

OIC-4 (redacted) (PDF, 5,556 KB); OIC-5 (PDF, 595 KB); OIC-6 (PDF, 16,367 KB);

OIC-8 (PDF, 1,137 KB); OIC-9 (PDF, 1,252 KB); OIC-10 (PDF, 1,356 KB); OIC-11 (PDF, 1,448 KB);

OIC-12 (PDF, 1,543 KB); OIC-13 (redacted) (PDF, 2,741 KB); OIC-14 (PDF, 596 KB)

OIC-15 (PDF, 1044 KB); OIC-17 (PDF, 728 KB); OIC-18 (PDF, 1,511 KB); OIC-19 (PDF, 641 KB)

OIC-20 (PDF, 1,571 KB); OIC-23 (PDF, 1,168 KB); OIC-24 (PDF, 763 KB); OIC-25 (PDF, 633 KB);

A10-30 (PDF, 504 KB)