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Olympic Casualty Insurance Company (a subsidiary of the Starbucks Corporation)

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About the case

On November 27, 2019, Olympic Casualty Insurance Company filed a Demand for Hearing with the OIC Hearings Unit to appeal the threatened action/Proposed Consent Order Levying Fine, Taxes and Penalty No. 19-0524.  The proposed consent order alleges violations of RCW 48.05.030(1) (certificate of authority required), RCW 48.15.020(1) (transaction of insurance by unauthorized insurer prohibited), RCW 48.14.020(1) (payment of 2% premium tax required), and RCW 48.14.060 and RCW 48.14.095(1)-(5) (failing to timely remit premium tax payment), and that these violations justify the imposition of a fine and payment of premium tax, interest and penalties under RCW 48.14.020(1), RCW 48.14.060(1)-(2), RCW 48.14.090, RCW 48.14.09(1)-(5), and RCW 48.15.023(5)(a)(ii).

The issues for hearing are as follows:

(1) Whether Olympic Casualty Insurance Company has acted as an insurer and has been transacting insurance in Washington State without authorization from OIC as required?

(2) If so, what is the appropriate fine amount?

(3) If proven to be an unauthorized insurer, what amount of premium taxes, interest, and penalty, is owed pursuant to statute?

Scheduled conferences and hearings:

  • January 14, 2020 - Telephonic prehearing conference
  • November 30 - December 11, 2020  - Evidentiary hearing (stricken)

Docket number:




Hearing date:

Type of action:

Imposition of Fine

Other type of action:

Proposed Action (Proposed Consent Order) Levying Fine, Taxes and Penalty


stipulation of the parties and rescission of Nos. 19-0614 & 19-0615.