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Amerigroup Washington, Inc. Proposed acquisition by WellPoint Inc.

This may not be a complete record of the materials in this case. Additional material may be obtained through the OIC Public Records Office.

Hearing information and documents. 

Docket number:




Type of action:

Acquisition of Control (Form A)


Proposed acquisition approved


Final Order Approving Acquisition of Control (491KB)

WellPoint's prefiled opening and closing statements; prefiled testimony of Wagner; prefiled testimony of Fusile (766KB)

Amerigroup Washington's prefiled opening and closing statements; prefiled testimony of Truess(285KB)

Declaration of Ronald J. Pastuch(280KB)

Notice of hearing (403KB)

FTC Early Termination Letter(59KB)

Letter dated Sep 7, 2012 transmitting supplemental information re financing arrangements (295KB), filed with Hearings Unit Nov. 30, 2012

Letter from Timothy Parker dated Nov. 28, 2012 (30KB)

Letter from OIC dated Nov. 28, 2012 (38KB)

Supplemental response from WellPoint dated Nov. 27, 2012(147KB) re regulatory actions against WellPoint

Response letter from WellPoint dated Nov. 26, 2012 (94KB); See Exhibits to Nov. 26 letter for summary of litigation and status of Form A in other states

Notice of Appearance (45KB)

Letter from DOJ dated Nov. 26, 2012 (42KB)

Letter from OIC dated Nov. 20, 2012 re WellPoint litigation (34KB)

Letter to WellPoint from Judge Petersen dated Nov. 20, 2012(127KB) re supplemental information request, confidentiality issue, status of DOJ review, legal counsel

Supplemental information from WellPoint dated Nov. 8 and Nov. 16, 2012(1MB) re federal antitrust review, litigation

Letter to WellPoint from Judge Petersen dated Nov. 15, 2012(117KB) re supplemental information on litigation, confidentiality of documents

Transmittal of supplemental information dated Nov 9, 2012(85KB) re ongoing litigation

Receipt of Form A filing(70KB)

OIC Transmittal of Form A filing(99KB)

Letter dated Oct. 16, 2012 responding to OIC request for more information(102KB)

Letter dated Aug 17, 2012 transmitting supplemental information(58KB)

Letter dated Aug 8, 2012, transmitting supplemental information(48KB)

Form A Application without exhibits(586KB)

Form A supporting documents

Merger agreement (Exhibit 1) (478KB)

Pre-merger organizational chart for Amerigroup (Exhibit 2) (121KB)

Pre-merger organizational chart for WellPoint (Exhibit 3) (281KB)

Pro forma post-merger organizational chart (Exhibit 4) (43KB)

Amerigroup Preliminary Proxy Statement (Supp. 1) (1MB)

Credit Agreement (Supp. 1) (10MB)

Updated financing plans: Final term sheet; prospectus supplement; Form 8-K current report, dated 9/10/12 (295KB)

WellPoint Summary Annual Reports (Exhibit 8)

2011 Summary Annual Report (Exhibit 8-A) (5MB)

2010 Summary Annual Report (Exhibit 8-B) (5MB)

WellPoint Financial Statements (Exhibit 9, 10 and 12)

Annual Report, Form 10-K, year ending 12/31/11 (Exhibit 9-A) (724KB)

Annual Report, Form 10-K, year ending 12/31/10 (Exhibit 9-B) (1MB)

Annual Report, Form 10-K, year ending 12/31/09 (Exhibit 9-C) (766KB)

Quarterly Report, Form 10-Q, period ending 3/31/12 (Exhibit 10-A) (262KB)

Quarterly Report, Form 10-Q, period ending 6/30/12 (Exhibit 10-B) (279KB)

Current Report, Form 8-K, dated 7/9/12 (Exhibit 12) (330KB)

Quarterly Report, Form 10-Q, period ending 9/30/12 (311KB)

Amerigroup Reports

Quarterly Report, Form 10-A, period ending 9/30/12 (248KB)

Current Report, Form 8-K, dated 10/2/12 (64KB)

Employment Agreements (Exhibit 11)

James G. Carlson (5MB)
James Truess (7MB)
Richard C. Zoretic (6MB)                                               

Biographical Affidavits/ATH (Exhibit 5)

Carter Allen Beck (3MB)                                     Wayne Scott Deveydt (3MB)
Catherine Irene Kelaghan (3MB)                           Kathleen Susan Kiefer (3MB)
Robert David Kretschmer (3MB)                            Raymond Lee Umstead, Jr. (3MB)

Biographical Affidavits/WellPoint (Exhibit 6)

                                 Susan Breshears Bayh (2MB)
Lori Ann Beer (2MB)                                           Angela Rose Fick Braly (3MB)
Randal Lynn Brown (2MB)                                    Sheila Patricia  Burke (2MB)
John Cannon III (3MB)                                        Wayne Scott Deveydt (3MB)
Robert Lee Dixon, Jr. (2MB)                                  John Edward Gallina (2MB)
Kenneth Richard Goulet (2MB)                               Julie Ann Hill (2MB)
Warren Yancey Jobe (2MB)                                   Harlon Alcon Levine (2MB)
Gloria Marie McCarthy (2MB)                                 Samuel Robert Nussbaum, M.D. (3MB)
Ramiro Gomez Peru (2MB)                                     William Joseph Ryan (2MB)
George Alphonse Schaefer, Jr. (2MB)                      Jacquelyn McCluney Ward (2MB)