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Ace American Ins. Co. and Indemnity Ins. Co. of North America

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Ace American Ins. Co., and Indemnity Ins. Co. of North America--the Companies responsible for oversight of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, LLC--demanded a hearing to appeal the proposed fine ($1,500,000 fine with $500,000 suspended) and proposed compliance plans; The proposed consent order alleged that the Companies and their pet health policies violated RCW 48.18.290(1)(c); WAC 284-04-215(1)(a)(iii); RCW 48.30.090; RCW 48.18.140(2)(f); RCW 48.18.520, RCW 48.18.100(1); RCW 48.19.040(6); and RCW 48.18.2901(1)(b); justifying the imposition of a fine under RCW 48.05.185 and RCW 48.19.430.  Included in the allegations and findings against the companies were that they used different rates from those filed with and approved by the Insurance Commissioner, overcharging for premiums, capping discounts, failing to provide reasonable opt out means, among other things.

On January 22, 2020, a Final Order of Dismissal on Settlement was entered by an administrative law judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). As part of the signed Consent Order Levying a Fine, the allegations were affirmed and appellants agreed to withdraw their appeal. By agreement of the parties, the OIC will impose a fine of $950,000.00 and suspend $200,000 of that on the conditions outlined in the consent order. A copy of the consent order is attached to the Final Order below.

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Imposition of Fine
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Other type of action:

Proposed disciplinary action/proposed fine for violations of RCW 48.05.190(1), RCW 48.17.160(1) and (2), RCW 48.18.100(1), RCW 48.18.140(2)(f), RCW 48.18.290(1)(b) and (c), RCW 48.18.520, RCW 48.19.040(6), RCW 48.30.050, RCW 48.30.090, WAC 284-04-215 and


The OIC is to impose a fine of $950,000, suspend $200,000 of that on the conditions in the consent order