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Get help paying for prescription drugs

Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage Extra Help assists Medicare clients, who qualify, for help to pay their prescription drug plan costs. It covers: 

  • Premiums
  • Deductibles
  • Copays
  • Donut hole/coverage gap (This is when Medicare temporarily stops paying for your prescriptions and you have to pay the entire cost of medications.)

Caution: If you receive prescription coverage from an employer plan, you may not want to apply for this help. It could mean you would lose your employer health plan.

See if you qualify for Extra Help for Part D prescription drugs

(Effective January 2017)


If your income is less than:

If your assets* are less than:

Single person

$1,508 per month



$18,090 per year 


$2,030 per month



$24,360 per year 

*Assets include bank accounts, cash, stocks, certificates of deposit, real estate and recreational vehicles. It doesn’t include the home you live in or the one vehicle you use to go to medical appointments. The Social Security Administration does not count $1,500 above asset limits per person if it’ll be used for burial costs.

Note: If you have income from working, your income could be higher, so we recommend applying to see if you qualify.

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