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General search

Search fields: you must choose at least one search criteria.

The system has a maximum limit of results to display. If the system “times out” you may need to narrow your search results.

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Type of insurance

If you choose a type of insurance, an additional drop down list will be available for a more detailed search. You can choose more than one type by pressing Ctrl and choosing the individual subcategories. If no selection is made, the search results will not be filtered by type of insurance. 

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The company search contains a text box and a list of companies. You can choose more than one company by pressing Ctrl and choosing the companies from the list. 

The general search tab instructions provide information on how users can filter key fields to locate and review rate and form filings.

You can enter text in the text box which will then filter the list of companies that match the text entered. You can enter a single company name or multiple company names separated by a comma. You can also use the wildcard character * to match any character in a company name.

If companies are selected in the company list, then only those companies’ filings will be found. If no companies are selected, the system will search all companies.

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Searching by description will return any filings that use that wording from our database. The wildcard character * is supported. The following search options affect the behavior of this field:

  • Any Word will find any filing that contains one or more of the words entered.
  • All Words will return any filing that contains all of the words entered regardless of the order in which they appear.
  • Exact Phrase will return any filing that contains all the words entered in the exact order they appear.
Description screenshot

Filing type 

The default is set to search all filing types. At least one must be checked. The search results can be filtered by:

  • Rate: the amount of money necessary to cover losses, cover expenses and provide a profit to the insurer for a single unit of exposure. Rates, as contrasted with loss costs, include provision for the insurer’s profit and expenses.

  • Form: a document prepared in a prescribed arrangement of words and layout. A rider, policy, endorsement or application – all of these are forms.

  • Plan binder: the mechanism for the submission of one to many plans for one market type on behalf of one company to one state. Each company will submit one binder that includes data for their whole individual market and one binder that includes data for their whole small group market.

  • Vehicle service contract: an agreement to perform or pay for the repair and/or maintenance of a motor vehicle subject to registration under RCW 48.16A. Such contracts may include additional coverage related to the repair, including towing, car rental and emergency road services. Please note that a contract which covers only tires and/or wheels on a stand-alone basis is not considered a motor vehicle service contract.

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Received or effective date

When narrowing your query by using a Received or Effective Date, the date “from” and “to” fields can be blank or contain a valid date. The OIC’s retention period for Rate and Form filings is eight years.

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Form number

Searching by form number will return any filings that have a form beginning with the text entered in the form number field.  

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Search results

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