Pre-licensing education (PLE) procedures, records and reports

Common procedural and record-keeping rules for PLE providers.


Certificate of Completion

Issue the student's PLE course Certificate of Completion within two business days after the course is completed.

Evaluation forms

Distribute course evaluation forms to students after the course is completed and review the evaluations with the program director and instructors.

Submitting a roster

Send monthly rosters to the OIC by the fifteenth day of the following month. For example, the roster for June is due by July 15.

The roster must include:

  • Your provider number,
  • Your provider name,
  • The course title,
  • Instruction method (lecture or self-study),
  • Student name, and
  • Course completion date.

PLE provider renewal

A renewal notice, combined with a renewal application, will be emailed about 40 days before the provider expiration date. The provider must return the renewal application before the provider expiration date. The provider renewal includes the program director, instructors and approved courses.

Notify the OIC at least 10 days prior to a change of:

  • Ownership
  • Location
  • Contact information
  • Course tuition fees
  • Program director
  • Instructor

Disclose to students:

  • Course tuition fee
  • Referral, rebate and refund policy
  • Prohibited examination behavior
  • Licensing requirements


PLE providers must keep all PLE course, student and attendance records for at least three years from the date the record was created. Personnel records should be kept for three years from the last date the program director, instructor, staff member, manager or employee worked for the provider. Instructor lesson plans must be updated annually as the exam content outlines change. Each lesson plan must be kept for three years.

PLE providers must maintain the following records:

  • Provider, program director, instructor and course applications,
  • Provider-approval letter,
  • Provider-renewal letters,
  • Student registration/enrollment form,
  • Attendance register ( if lecture) documenting at least 20 hours of study,
  • Study log (if self-study) documenting at least 20 hours of study,
  • Certificate of completion, with course information and authorized signature,
  • Course evaluations (completed by students),
  • Course materials,
  • Instructor lesson plan for each lecture course,
  • Tuition account records, including, rebates, referrals and refunds,
  • Monthly attendance rosters,
  • Correspondence related to PLE courses, and
  • Provider personnel records, including background check.

Exam pass/fail ratio report

This report shows pass rates of license candidates who have completed an insurance exam. Statistics are indicated for PLE providers and their instructors. Email our education analyst to request a copy of this report.

Our exam pass rates (by school) Web page displays a small portion of this report.

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