When you don't need a license

Confused about which activities require you to have an active insurance license? Here's some general guidance for when a license isn't required.

You're an officer, director or employee of an insurer or insurance producer

Your clerical/administrative duties may include gathering information so a licensed individual can complete an insurance transaction; conduct reception activities; or take claims information (but not interpret or comment on coverage). 

You are not required to have a license if:

  • You don't receive commission on policies written or sold, and
  • Your activities are executive, administrative, managerial, clerical, or a combination of these, and
  • You are only indirectly related to the sale, solicitation, or negotiation of insurance.

See RCW 48.17.062(2)(a)(i) (leg.wa.gov).

You secure and forward information for issuing group (life, disability, property, casualty) insurance, and you are paid no commissions for the service

See RCW 48.17.062(2)(b) (leg.wa.gov).

You do not intend to solicit insurance in Washington state and you:

  • Don't sell, solicit or negotiate insurance, and
  • Limit your activities to advertising in print or electronic publications or mass media whose distribution is not limited to residents of Washington state.

See RCW 48.17.062(2)(e) (leg.wa.gov).

You secure and forward information for the purpose of group credit life insurance, where the reimbursement for actual expenses does not exceed $3 per certificate issued

See RCW 48.17.062(2)(h) (leg.wa.gov).

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