2006 Financial examination reports

The examinations and orders posted here are electronic duplicates of the official adopted report documents. For an official, hard copy of the report and order, please email Colleen Jansen or call 206-464-7054.

Company name Type Scope Examination
Order date
Pacificare of Washington, Inc. Health Full Scope 1/97-12/02 2/13/2006
Great West Healthcare of Washington, Inc., f.k.a. One Health Plan of Washington Health Full Scope 1/98-12/02 2/24/2006
Washington Dental Services Health Full Scope 01/98-12/02 03/14/2006
Washington Casualty Company in Rehabilitation P&C Full Scope 01/03-12/04 03/31/2006
Enumclaw Property & Casualty Insurance Company P&C Full Scope 11/01-12/04 4/3/2006
Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company P&C Full Scope 01/00-12/04 04/3/2006
The Whitworth Foundation CGA Full Scope 12/31/04 04/3/2006
Northwest College of the Assemblies of God CGA Full Scope 01/00-12/04 04/11/2006
Washington Employers Trust MEWA Qualifying 05/31/05 04/12/2006
Multicare Health System CGA Full Scope 01/00-12/04 04/24/2006
Aetna Health, Inc. Health Full Scope 01/00-12/04 05/5/2006
Washington State Auto Dealers Insurance Trust MEWA Qualifying 07/31/05 06/29/2006
Health Care Authority Health Full Scope 07/01-6/05 07/27/2006
Mason County Title Insurance Company Title Full Scope 01/00-12/04 09/22/2006
Pacific Visioncare Washington, Inc. Health Full Scope 01/00-12/04 09/22/2006
Group Health Cooperative Health Full Scope 01/99-12/03 09/25/2006
Group Health Options, Inc. Health Full Scope 01/99-12/03 09/25/2006
Vision Service Plan Health Full Scope 12/31/05 11/2/2006
Washington Insurance Guaranty Association Full Scope 12/31/04 11/16/2006
Washington Life and Disability Insurance Guaranty Association Life Full Scope 12/31/04 11/27/2006
Willamette Dental of Washington, Inc. Health Full Scope 12/31/04 11/27/2006

These are Financial Examinations and Orders adopted in 2006 by Mike Kreidler, Washington State Insurance commissioner. Financial Examinations and Orders by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner are a primary tool in protecting the people of Washington.

For official copies of these items, please state the order number.

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