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Filing status definitions

The following are status definitions used by OIC compliance analysts during the course of a filing review. 

Review Pending – Filing is under review

Active Suspense – Used after a disapproval letter is written and OIC is waiting for the company’s response

Response Received – Company response to OIC’s disapproval letter has been received and is awaiting further review

Approved – The filing received review and was found to be in compliance with Washington state laws and is acceptable to be marketed and sold.

Approval Withdrawn – If after approval the OIC finds that the filing was out of compliance with Washington state laws, OIC may withdraw their approval.

Acknowledged – Means OIC acknowledges receipt of a filing, but it is not subject to review.

Withdrawn – Filer has requested that their filing be withdrawn. This could happen any time in the process but means that the product will not be used, sold or marketed.

Disapproved – Means that filing received review but was disapproved for non-compliance with Washington state laws.

Closed –  The filing was closed due to lack of company response to OIC objections.

Filed – Used for a file and use product. Review does occur and if the filing is found out of compliance with Washington laws it could be disapproved.

Deemed – See RCW 48.18.100(3), Certain types of filings can be deemed approved. If a filing is deemed and later found to have errors, the filing will have to be revised, and any changes sent to anyone to whom the contract was issued.

Full Review – The Full Review status is being phased out. Synonymous with Filed except that the filing received a full review.

Complete – This is used with Plan Binder filings only and means that the OIC's review of the data in the plan binder is complete. It does not mean that the plans within the binder were approved or disapproved. Refer back to the corresponding rate and form filings for approval or disapproval of plans.

Referred – A filing is referred to another unit or division of OIC for response. This is not a final action but means that a preliminary review has been completed and is awaiting further action.

Opinion Received – A filing review has been completed by another unit or division of OIC and is awaiting final action.

File Not Reviewed – A filing was received but was not reviewed. This status is being phased out.

Full Review – Filing was filed and received a full review at a later date. This status is being phased out.

Partial Review – Phased out

Specific Review – Phased out