For Producers

Expiration date and renewal period changes

In keeping with the National Insurance Producer Registry's (NIPR) recommended best practices and to further our office's commitment to being more uniform with other state insurance departments, Washington state adopted new rules on December 17, 2018 regarding:

  • Individual license expiration dates
  • The window of time allowed for license or appointment renewal

Individual expiry dates

The expiration date for individual licensees changed from the birth date to the end of the birth month. Please review the table below for examples.

Individual expiry date examples
LicenseeBirth dateExpiration date before rule changeExpiration date after rule change
John SmithDecember 10, 1962December 10, 2018December 31, 2018
Jane DoeMarch 22, 1980March 22, 2019March 31, 2019

Business entity license expiry dates were not affected and continue to be set two years from the date the license was first issued.

How this rule change could affect your completed continuing education (CE) credits

This change could also potentially affect your ability to apply CE credits to upcoming renewals. Remember that once you complete a continuing education course, it is only applicable for 24 months from the completion date.

Once you have renewed your license, if you complete CE during the month of your license expiration date, those courses could be affected by the rule change and may not be eligible to apply to your next license renewal.

Here is an example:

  • You had an expiry date of March 2, 2018.
  • After renewing your license, you earned CE credits on March 21, 2018 to be used toward your 2020 license renewal.
  • The new rule changed your license expiration date to March 31, 2020.
  • Because your CE credits were earned before March 31, 2018, they are more than 24 months old and cannot be applied toward your 2020 renewal.
How continuing education (CE) credits may be affected by this rule change
Date of license renewalOld license expiry dateNew license expiry date (prior to rule change)New license expiry date (after rule change)Date CE course was completedIs this course eligible to be applied to the 2020 license renewal?
February 2, 2018March 2, 2018March 2, 2020March 31, 2020March 21, 2018No, course is over 24 months old from new expiration date
February 2, 2018March 2, 2018March 2, 2020March 31, 2020March 28, 2018No, course is over 24 months old from new expiration date
February 2, 2018March 2, 2018March 2, 2020March 31, 2020April 2, 2018Yes, course is less than 24 months old from new expiration date

If this scenario applies to you and it appears that you may be losing CE credit eligibility, you will need to contact our office for assistance with your renewal. To avoid license disruption, we recommend that you process your renewal as early as possible.

Increased renewal period

Prior to the effective date of the new rule change, licensees were able to submit their renewal applications and insurers were able to submit their appointment renewals 60 days prior to the expiration date. This is referred to as the "renewal window." The new rule extends this renewal window to 90 days prior to the expiration date rather than 60 days. Insurers and licensees will receive email notification of their opportunity to access their license or appointment renewals.