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    The American Health Care Act (www.congress.gov) failed to pass in March, but there are still actions underway that could undermine the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We've created an ACA watch list (PDF, 526, KB) to keep track of all possible federal actions.

    See a state-specific analysis (PDF, 1MB) of the devastating impact the American Health Care Act would've had on Washington consumers and their families.

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, of which the OIC is a member, sent letters on April 19 to the U.S. House (PDF, 720MB) and Senate (PDF, 720MB) urging them to continue funding for subsidy payments in the upcoming budget resolution for fiscal year 2017.

    Kreidler's guiding principles for any ACA replacement

    Any proposed change to the ACA must be measured against the progress we've made and cannot move us backwards, including:

    • No fewer people covered.
    • No reduction in benefits.
    • No cost-shifting to states.
    • No destabilization of the health insurance market.

    Letters to Congress

    Commissioner Kreidler has shared his concerns with the Trump administration and Washington's congressional delegation.

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