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Coronavirus and health insurance

Find more information here about the coronavirus and health insurance for consumers, insurers and medical providers. 

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Coronavirus vaccines

All COVID-19 vaccines are free, with no out-of-pocket costs. This applies regardless if you have health insurance, Medicare or are uninsured. Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines in Washington state. 

Coronavirus testing and billing

Under the Federal CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) , all health insurers must pay for medically necessary COVID-19 testing.

  • The provider will decide if the test is medically necessary – not the insurer. The insurer cannot second-guess the provider. 
  • There is no copay or deductible for the test and associated visit. 
  • If you see a medical provider for a test, your insurer must pay for the testing whether the provider is in your plan’s network or not. And they cannot balance bill you.
  • At-home tests must be covered by your insurer. Contact them directly to find out where to get a test or how to be reimbursed. 
  • Washington state ( and the federal government ( are providing free at-home tests.

Insurers are NOT required to pay for COVID tests that are required for employment or travel. You should check with your insurance company if you’re worried about whether or not you’ll be charged. 

If you receive a bill related to COVID-19 testing or you’re unsure about coverage, let us know. We can explain your rights and talk to your insurer on your behalf, if needed. 

Cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatment varies. Check with your insurance plan to see what your responsibilities will be. 

Frequently asked questions about coronavirus and health insurance

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Employer-sponsored health insurance

Many employers have contacted our office about how to maintain their employees' health coverage during the coronavirus pandemic. We have let all health insurers know they have flexibility in defining who is eligible for coverage under the employer-sponsored health plan. If an employer would like to try to keep their employees covered or have other questions about their health insurance, they should reach out directly to their health insurer or insurance broker. 

Dental insurance and PPE

We’ve heard from consumers that some are being billed an out-of-pocket surcharge for personal protective equipment (PPE) by their dentists if their insurance won’t cover the cost. We have heard of patients being charged $10 to $30 for PPE. 

Dental insurers can choose to cover PPE costs.

The following insurers have notified us they will cover the cost of PPE during dental procedures:

  • Delta Dental

Emergency orders and announcements

Commissioner Kreidler has the authority under state law to give direction to health insurers on coverage issues once an emergency has been declared by the governor. Here are the emergency orders currently in effect

View previous emergency orders issued by year.