For Producers

Common compliance issues for individual licensees

Updating contact information

Almost all communication from our office, including your renewal notice, is sent via email. There must be a current email address on record for you. See WAC 284-17-065 (

WAC 284-17-005 ( says you have 30 days to update your contact information if there are any changes to your email, resident, mailing or business addresses.

You are required to respond

If we send you any inquiry you have 15 days to respond. See RCW 48.17.475 (

You have 30 days to report any criminal charges or administrative actions taken against you by any other regulatory agency. See RCW 48.17.597 (

Education requirements

Long-term care (LTC): Take the initial 8-hour course before you sell long-term care products. Take the 4-hour refresher course every 24 months. See RCW 48.83.130 (2)(a) and (b) (

Annuity suitability: Take a one-time, 4-hour annuity suitability course before you market any annuity products. See WAC 284-17-265 (2)(a) (

You must also take steps to make sure the annuity sale is suitable for the client. See RCW 48.23.015 (2)(b) (

Continuing education (CE): Complete 24 hours, three of which are ethics credits, to renew or reinstate your resident license. See WAC 284-17-224 (

Flood: Take a one-time, 3-hour course before you sell a federal flood insurance policy. See RCW 48.17.153 (

Transacting business

If you represent an agency, make sure you are affiliated before you transact business.

If you are selling insurance for companies you are not appointed to represent, you must have a bond in favor of the People of Washington state.

Notification of security breach

Any breaches involving an insured client's personal or health information require you to notify our office in writing within two business days after informing the client.

See WAC 284-04-625 (2) ( and RCW 19.255.010 (

Required disclosure for charging fees

Prior to charging any fees, disclose it in writing to your client and obtain their agreement and signature on the disclosure form. See WAC 284-30-750 (

If you are receiving a commission and charging a fee, you must disclose:

  • The fee being charged
  • The commission being earned (in dollars)
  • The full name of the company paying the commission
  • An explanation of any offset of the fee, if appropriate
  • The possibility of contingent commissions, if appropriate

See RCW 48.17.270 (