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Buying health insurance frequently asked questions

I am about to lose my health coverage. I have a serious medical condition and need to get new insurance. Is there a health plan I can buy?

Health reform requires individual health plans to issue coverage regardless of your health condition. However, to get individual health insurance, you must apply during the annual open enrollment period or within 60 days of a qualifying event.


I want to buy an individual health plan. How do I go about it?

You can buy an individual health plan during the annual open enrollment period from:


I need medical care but don’t have enough money to buy insurance. How do I obtain public health services?

Apple Health, the Medicaid program in our state, provides medical, dental, vision and mental health coverage to people who qualify. There’s no open enrollment period, so you can apply at any time. Contact the Washington Healthplanfinder ( or call 855-923-4633 to see if you qualify for help paying for your health insurance premium.

There are also some other options for people to help pay for health care services.