For Producers

Applying and renewing through National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)

The Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner accepts the following types of applications through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) (

  • New non-resident producer applications (full lines only)
  • New resident producer applications (full lines only)
  • Non-resident producer renewals (on or 11 before expiry date only)
  • Resident producer renewals (on or 11 days before expiry date only)
  • New resident surplus line broker applications
  • New non-resident surplus line broker applications
  • Resident surplus line broker renewals (on or 11 days before expiry date only)
  • Non-resident surplus line broker renewals (on or 11 days before expiry date only)

When you use NIPR, you can submit multiple state applications or renewals simultaneously if you hold multiple state insurance licenses.

NIPR charges a non-refundable service fee, in addition to any state's licensing fees, when you submit applications through their system.

If you use NIPR, it generally takes three to five business days for Washington state to process your application.

Resident producers using NIPR to renew their licenses must fax or email copies of their continuing education certificates of completion for courses not yet listed on their education history at the time they process their renewal applications. Renewal applications will not be complete until we receive their certificates.