For Consumers

Agent and broker advisory committees

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner appoints members to act as consultants to the agency. One committee represents life and disability markets. Another committee represents property and casualty markets.

The commissioner and agency executives meet with committee members twice a year to discuss key issues and developments within the industry.

If you are interested in becoming a member, or you'd like to contact a member, email Producer Licensing and Oversight.

Life and disability committee members:

Christopher Free, Seattle

Sarah Freeman, Seattle

Dave Gregory, Spokane

Kimberly Griego, Spokane Valley

Stephen Hecht, Grapeview

Cecelia Kidder, Redmond

Robert Merz, Bellevue

Donald Polwarth, Gig Harbor

Kathy Smithson, Monitor

Curt Vaniman, Olympia

Dale Whitney, Spokane

Property and casualty committee members:

Scott Andrews, Seattle

Robert Bush, Redmond

Teresa (Tish) Fierro, Olympia

Tiffany Cothern, Lakewood

Heidi Duncan, Olympia

David Hargreaves, Yakima

Barbara Kaiser, Olympia

James Majeskey II, Spokane

Claudia McClain, Everett

Carol Mickey, Bellevue

Shelbi Nicholson, Seattle

Nick Stay, Tacoma