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The latest proposal ( to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act from Senators Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has failed. The proposal would have:

  • Eliminated the Medicaid expansion, as well as Advance Premium Tax Credits and cost-sharing reductions;
  • Redistributed the money through block grants to the states;
  • Eliminated the individual and employer mandates effective immediately;
  • Allowed states to get waivers to abolish the Essential Health Benefits and reduced protections for people with pre-existing conditions; And
  • Washington state's federal funding would have been cut by $10 billion from 2020-2026. After 2026, all federal funding would have ended, unless renewed by Congress.

Commissioner Kreidler and Gov. Jay Inslee wrote our Washington delegation ( to share their concerns with this proposal.

Kreidler's guiding principles for any ACA replacement

Any proposed change to the ACA must be measured against the progress we've made and cannot move us backward, including:

  • No fewer people covered
  • No reduction in benefits
  • No cost-shifting to states
  • No destabilization of the health insurance market

Read a detailed chart (PDF, 284KB) showing parts of the ACA codified in Washington state law vs. federal law

Letters to Congress

Commissioner Kreidler has shared his concerns with the Trump administration and Washington's congressional delegation.

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