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About the Washington Disaster Resiliency work group

Washington state residents have been impacted by natural disasters such as floods, landslides, wildfires and earthquakes and they continue to be at risk from these and other natural disasters. The state Legislature believes it's critical to prepare Washington for disasters better and put in place strategies to mitigate the impacts of disasters.

To address this critical need, the Legislature has created a work group, chaired by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, to review disaster resiliency activities and make recommendations to the Legislature and governor on whether an ongoing disaster resiliency program should be created.

The work group consists of 30 representatives from lawmakers, tribal leaders, state agencies, private entities, local municipalities and will include two representatives from the insurance industry. 

The work group is tasked with reviewing natural disaster resiliency activities and to make recommendations to Legislature and the governor on:

  • Whether this state should create an ongoing disaster resiliency program.
  • What the activities the program should engage in.
  • How the program should coordinate with state agencies and other entities engaged in disaster mitigation and resiliency work.
  • Where the program should be housed.
  • How the program should be funded.

The work group will meet in person at least 7 times between September 2019 and November 2020. Assignments will be given to research and submit findings between each meeting. The final recommendation will be submitted to the Legislature and governor by Dec. 1, 2020.