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2018 adopted rules

The rules below were adopted in 2018. "Adopted" indicates the date the rule was formally approved, and is also known as the filing date. "Effective date" specifies the date the rule went into effect.

License expiration and renewal timeframes (R2018-04)

Valuation of the stock of a subsidiary (R2018-07)

Risk mitigation (R2018-11)

Adjuster licensing special education criteria (R 2018-14)

Charitable gift annuities (R2018-13)

Variable life and annuity product definition alignment (R2018-08)

Definition of earned surplus (R2018-05)

Short-term medical plans (R 2018-01)

Insurer corporate governance annual disclosure (R 2018-02)

Updating citations concerning fraternal mutual property insurers (R 2018-03)

Title insurance rating and advisory organizations (R 2017-06)

Update to pharmacy benefit manager rules (R 2017-12)

Adjusting geographic rating areas to increase market stability (R 2017-11)