For Insurers

2008 Market Conduct & examination reports

The examinations and orders posted here are unverified electronic duplicates of the official documents actually entered. To order an official version, email us or call 360-725-7203.

Company nameExamination report adoption dateOrder number
Grange Insurance Association and Rocky Mountain Fire and Casualty Company1/14/2008 (PDF, 3MB)G07-0355 (PDF, 124KB)
Aetna Health, Inc.2/1/2008 (PDF, 3MB)G08-0012 (PDF, 145KB)
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, Kaiser Permanente Health Alternatives5/22/2008 (PDF, 3MB)08-0078 (PDF, 262KB)
Pemco Mutual Insurance Company, Pemco Insurance Company5/22/2008 (PDF, 2MB)08-0077 (PDF, 381KB)
Physicians Insurance a Mutual Company, Northwest Dentists Insurance Company5/22/2008 (PDF, 2MB)08-0076 (PDF, 299KB)
Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates10/21/2008 (PDF, 3MB)08-0166 (PDF, 520KB)
Washington State Health Insurance Pool10/21/2008 (PDF, 2MB)08-0160 (PDF, 317KB)

The Market Conduct Examinations and Orders adopted by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner are a primary tool in protecting the people of Washington.

To order official copies, email us or call 360-725-7203. Please state the order number with your request.