Homeowner insurance and land movement or landslides

Your typical homeowner policy will not cover damage caused by land movement or a landslide due to:

  • Rain runoff
  • Snowmelt
  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes

Protect your property

Think about buying additional insurance to protect your property from potential damage.

Landslide insurance:

Offers a couple of options:

  • Content coverage - Buy a special rider for your homeowner policy that includes coverage for the contents of your home from all perils, including earth movement. This rider only covers contents, not the structure. Some insurance companies may not offer this option, so you may need to shop around.
  • Separate earth-movement coverage - Buy this coverage that includes structures, such as your house or any other unattached buildings on your property. Your agent or broker may be able to get you this coverage in the surplus lines market. These are companies that insure risks the industry traditionally doesn't insure. Note: If your home is on a hillside, this coverage may be difficult to obtain.

Flood insurance:

Typical homeowner policies do not cover flood damage, so you must buy flood insurance coverage separately. Flood insurance may apply to some kinds of earth movement, such as water-related erosion, mudflows, and flash floods.

Earthquake insurance:

You also must buy earthquake insurance separately, either as an additional policy or as an endorsement to your regular homeowner policy.

Updated 04/21/2014

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