Most dental insurance is offered by employers to their employees and dependents. If your employer offers a plan, contact your human resource department for a copy of the plan booklet that details your benefits. Also, due to health reform, as of Jan. 1, 2014, all health plans sold through the new health insurance Exchange must include dental services for children under age 19.

Buy directly from an insurance company

The following companies are actively selling individual dental plans as of Jan. 1, 2013:

Dental plan Phone number
AFLAC 800-992-3522
Dental Health Services 800-248-8108
Dentegra (AARP members) 866-261-4275
Humana 877-877-1051
LifeMap Assurance Company 800-794-5390
Regence BlueShield 888-344-8234
Starmount Life 888-729-5433
UnitedHealthOne Dental Insurance Plan 800-944-4699
Delta Dental of Washington 800-554-1907
Willamette Dental 855-433-6825, option #3

Note: This list may not be comprehensive. To find a plan in your area, contact an insurance agent.

Check out low- or no-cost dental programs

If you’re shopping for dental coverage on your own, see if you qualify for a low- or no-cost program..

If you're on Medicare

Medicare does not cover routine dental care, but there are some Medicare Advantage plans that provide basic dental care such as cleaning and screenings. You can also contact companies directly that offer individual dental plans to see if they cover Medicare clients.

Before you buy, ask:

  • What are the plan's costs, benefits and exclusions?
  • Which dentists participate in the plan?
  • Do I think I’ll need major dental work?
  • Will regular exams and cleanings be enough?
  • When was my last dentist visit?
  • Will I need x-rays or other services?
  • How does the cost of paying for dental insurance compare to paying for dental services without insurance?

Updated 04/29/2015

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