Buying an individual plan

Individual coverage is health insurance for you and/or your family members. You can buy individual health plans during the following specific time periods (called "open enrollment periods"):

  • The open enrollment period to buy coverage for 2014 closed on March 31, 2014.
  • If you still need coverage in 2014, see if you have a qualifying event for special enrollment.
  • The open enrollment period for 2015 plans is Nov. 15, 2014 - Feb. 15, 2015.
  • Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) enrollment is open all year long. See if you qualify or renew your coverage through the Washington Healthplanfinder ( or by calling 855-923-4633.

In our state, you can buy individual coverage:

Some individual health plans may not be available where you live. View our map of individual health plans and their rates by county.

What determines how much you'll pay in premiums

  • Your age and the age of any family member on your plan
  • Whether or not you smoke
  • The size of your family (how many people you want to cover)
  • Where you live
  • The deductible amount
  • The benefits in your health plan
  • The amount of your IRS premium tax credit subsidy ( (if you apply for coverage through the Washington Healthplanfinder)

Health reform and individual plans

Individual health insurers:

Updated 08/19/2014

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