Personal Vehicle Sharing Program

A state law ( lets auto owners register their car or truck with a car sharing company for other licensed drivers to rent for personal purposes only.

How it works

  • You’ll need to register your car or truck with a car sharing company.
  • When you register, the liability for you and your private auto insurance company is transferred to the car sharing company - except when you are operating your car or truck. Then you're insured by your private auto insurance company.
  • The car sharing company must have its own auto insurance to cover shared vehicles.

Questions to ask your insurer

  • Will participating in the program affect my auto rates?
  • If my vehicle is in an accident while someone else is renting it, will I get canceled or non-renewed?
  • If my vehicle's totaled while someone else is renting it and I have gap coverage, is my gap coverage still valid?

How to sign up

Contact a car sharing company that has auto insurance coverage. However, at this time we are not aware of any companies that have formed a vehicle sharing program in our state.

Updated 06/30/2015

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