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Orders 101 to 150 of 262
Name Violation Issue Date Action Order

Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest
Mandan, ND
Issuing and renewing policies while charging rates not in accordance with the filed rates, and then retaining the excessive premiums. 2/18/2011 $33,000 Fine with $21,000 suspended and Compliance Plan 11-0015

Hope Heart Institute, The
Bellevue, WA
Failure to timely file. 6/20/2011 $1000 fine 11-0121

Hopkins, Danielle,
Spokane, WA
Failure to respond. 3/1/2011 Revocation - ORDER NO. 11-0037 HAS BEEN RESCINDED - SEE CONSENT ORDER RESCINDING ORDER NO. 11-0037 AND LEVYING A FINE ORDER NO. 13-0309 11-0037
Comments: Fingerprint replacement card

HSBC Securities USA, Inc.
New York, NY
Failing to report five administrative actions taken against it by FINRA within 30 days, representing in its first application that it had not been named in any administrative actions, when in fact it has been named in 28 FINRA violations and FINRA-reportable actions, and providing an incorrect CRD number to the OIC with the application. 8/1/2011 $7,000 fine 11-0152

Humana Health Plan, Inc.
Louisville, KY
Failure to timley file. 3/30/2011 $500 Fine 11-0055

Hunter Insurance Services, Inc.
La Mesa, CA
Failing to ensure that its affiliates maintained licensure. 9/26/2011 $2,500 Fine 11-0195

Hutchings, Charles C.
Seattle, WA
Failure to respond. 10/31/2011 Order Revoking License 11-0234

Industrial Alliance Pacific Insurance and Financial Services
Vancouver, BC
Failure to timely file. 10/13/2011 $750 Fine 11-0214

Industrial Alliance Pacific Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
Vancouver, BC
Failure to timely file. 3/22/2011 $750 Fine 11-0059

Industrial Allliance Pacific Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.
Vancouver, BC
Application for approval to change port of entry from state of Washington to Texas 2/3/2012 Change of port of entry from state of Washington to Texas approved. 11-0290

International Association of Benefits, a/k/a Independent Association of Businesses a/k/a IAB f/k/a International Association of Business; International Marketing Agency, a/k/a International Marketing Agencies, Inc. of Delaware; Clark, Jerry; Gorman, Laura; Nix, Lois; Gray, Danny; Madigan, Shane M.; Malone, Jeffrey; Franklin, Justin; Tiras, Alan; Brown-Malone, Andrea; and Raja, Dr. M.K.
Washington DC; Arlington, TX; Brooklyn, NY; Incline Village, NV;
Conducting any discount plan business in this sate prior to being licensed. 2/22/2012 Order to Cease and Desist 11-0280

International Planned Parenthood Federation - Western Hemisphere
New York, NY
Failure to timely file. 6/23/2011 $1250 fine 11-0130

International Warranty Administration Services, Inc.; The Metropolitan Benefit Group, Inc., DBA HomeChoice Plans; HomeChoice Household Service Plans; Choice Plans, LLC; ChoicePlans a Division of the IWASA Group; Crouch, Kacey L. aka Crouch, Kasey L.; and Lowenstein, Mark
Miramar, FL
Engaging in or transacting the unauthorized business of insurance in the State of Washington, including the advertising and/or solicitation of insurance products, including, but not limited to, vehicle and non-vehicle service contracts and protection product guarantees. 9/23/2011 Order to Cease and Desist 11-0219

James, Allen D.
Sumner, WA
Failure to promptly pay premium received in a fiduciary capacity to the insured or person entitled thereto, and failing to retain such funds in a separate account. 2/28/2011 $1,000 Fine 11-0024

James, Michel A.
Issaquah, Washington
Failed to promptly pay insurance premiums received to parties entitled thereto; failed to return sums collected as a premium in excess of amount expended. 2/25/2011 Revocation order set aside. 11-0029

Jesup Lamont Securities, Inc.
Longwood, FL
Failure to report an administrative action 8/30/2011 License revoked 11-0196

Johnson Controls, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
Failure to timely file. 6/20/2011 Order Suspending Certificate of Registration. 11-0139

Johnston, David K.
Orem, UT
Failure to respond 8/11/2011 Order revoking license 11-0190

Karmil, Nicole
Everett, WA
Convictions for theft, and her failure to pay the fines. 10/28/2011 Consent Order Setting Conditions for Probationary Producerís License 11-0242

Kelly, Kimberly A. d/b/a Peoples Insurance Agency, Inc.
Renton, WA
Collecting a fee on at least 2,033 occasions using a disclosure form that failed to comply with RCW 48.17.270. 6/15/2011 $250 Fine 11-0122

Kennedy, Danielle Renee,
Vancouver, WA
Failure to respond. 3/1/2011 Revocation 11-0034
Comments: NSF

Kimberly A. Kelly d/b/a Peoples Insurance Agency, Inc.
Renton, WA
Failure to add a lien holder to a policy of insurance following the issuance of a binder, issuing binders in excess of the ninety day statutory maximum, and issuing binders without proper binding authority. 6/1/2011 $4,000 fine 11-0109

Kimberly D. Brookey
Kent, WA
Collecting producer fees using a disclosure form that failed to disclose the full amount of any commission paid to the producer by the insurer. 6/16/2011 $250 fine 11-0132

Kinder, Mark S.
Puyallup, Washington
License denied based on background information provided. 10/7/2011 Denial of License upheld. 11-0036

King, Warren M. d/b/a Exact Financial Group
Renton, WA
Failing to provide OIC with requisite notice that the assistant who sold like insurance policy was unauthorized to represent the business entity Exact Financial Group, Inc. and act on its behalf and submitting an application for life insurance which contained inaccurate information. 6/15/2011 $500 Fine 11-0124

Kirk, Elliot Charles,`
Middleton, ID
Failure to respond. 3/1/2011 Revocation 11-0033
Comments: NSF

Koch, Kori Lynne,
Yakima, WA
Failure to respond. 5/6/2011 Revocation 11-0096
Comments: NSF for licensing fees.

Kraft, P. Edward and American Insurance Managers, Inc.
Lynnwood, WA
Licensees failed and refused to pay the late payment penalty. 4/18/2011 Order To Not Renew Licenses 11-0083

Maple Valley, WA
Failure to respond 8/11/2011 Order revoking license 11-0184

Lawrence, Kevin J.
Floral Park, NY
Failure to update contact information and failure to respond to OIC inquiries. 4/3/2012 $500 fine 11-0251

Leinas, Charles
Sammamish, WA
Failure to notify the Office of Insurance Commissioner of a conviction. 10/18/2011 Order Revoking License 11-0226

Levy, Jay
Miami, FL
Providing incorrect, misleading, incomplete, or materially untrue answers in his license application and engaging in the activities set forth and found by the Court on its Memorandum Option and Final Judgment of Injunctive and Other Equitable Relief Against Defendant Jay M. Levy entered May 18, 2006, in the case entitled Commodity Futures Trading Commission versus United Investors Group, Inc., et. al, Southern District of Florida Case No. 05-8002-CIV-Hurley, Mr. Levy used fraudulent, coercive, or dishonest practices and demonstrated incompetence, untrustworthiness, or financial irresponsibility. 3/10/2011 Order Revoking License 11-0047

Lewis, Tiffany Lynn
Irving, TX
Failure to report administrative actions. 8/11/2011 Order Revoking License 11-0181

Life Settlement Financial, LLC
Wilmington, DE
Failure to timely file. 12/20/2011 $1750 Fine 11-0275

Life Settlement Financial, LLC.
San Rafael, CA
Failure to timely file. 9/9/2011 Order Suspending License 11-0203

Lifewise Health Plan Of Washington
Mountlake Terrace, WA
Failing to offer special enrollment opportunities and coverage in 15 instances to children under the age of 19 coming off of COBRA coverage and by failing to offer a special enrollment opportunity and coverage to 1 newborn. 8/29/2011 $15,000 fine with $5,000 suspended 11-0159

LifeWise Health Plan of Washington
Mount Lake Terrace, WA
Failing to notify denied applicants of their denial and provide information about WSHIP within fifteen business days of their completed application. 10/24/2011 $35,000 fine with $15,000 suspended and Compliance Plan 11-0149

Lincoln General Insurance Company
York, PA
No longer meets minimum capital and surplus. 5/6/2011 Order Suspending COA 11-0095

Lindsay Jr., Robert E.
Charlotte, NC
Conviction for misdemeanor sexual battery against a student constitutes coercive or dishonest practices, and/or demonstrates incompetence or untrustworthiness. 9/16/2011 Consent Order Setting Conditions for Probationary Producerís License 11-0204

Longmeier, Bruce A.
Spokane, WA
Offering $100 gift cards to Washington consumer. 10/14/2011 $250 fine 11-0229

Lord, David Matthew,
Seattle, WA
Failure to respond. 2/2/2011 Revocation 11-0018
Comments: Fingerprint replacement card.

Losse, Trevor DíJon a/k/a DíJon, Trevor
Cle Elum, WA
Failing to notify OIC of changes of address within thirty days, failing to properly reply to letter from the OIC seeking a prompt response, soliciting insurance for an insurer that terminated his appointment while intentionally concealing his legal name and inaccurately denying to OIC that he had solicited insurance and signed applications electronically, including inaccurate information to at least one consumerís insurance application and knowingly misstating on insurance applications that a different insurance producer was the agent who solicited the insurance, soliciting in a state where he no longer had a license, and failing to properly disclose the more than 12 state actions against him. 1/30/2012 $1,000 fine and Consent Order Imposing Fine and Setting Conditions for Probationary Producerís License 11-0286

LSI Title Agency, Inc. a/k/a LSI Agency, Inc. d/b/a/ LSI Title Agency, Inc.
Bellevue, WA
Failing to maintain a place of business accessible to the public in this state. 11/7/2011 $500 fine 11-0236

Lubeck, James,
New York, NY,
Failure to respond. 3/10/2011 Revocation 11-0045
Comments: Inquiry re: administrative action taken by another state.

Lucky Bail Bonds, Inc. and Arps, Eric
Bellingham, WA
Misrepresenting to the court that he, as the appointed agent of Accredited, personally completed and signed each of the 22 power of attorney forms and knowingly accepting insurance business from a person who was required to be licensed. 7/12/2011 $11,000 fine with $5,500 suspended 11-0080

Lutheran Bible Institute of Seattle
Everett, WA
Failure to maintain sufficient reserves in a seperate reserve account. 12/16/2011 Order Suspending Certificate of Exemption 11-0289

Manney, Kimberley L.
Renton, WA
Failure to respond. 10/18/2011 License revoked. 11-0240

Mayanja, Isaac
Redmond, WA
Failing to preserve inviolate the integrity of insurance; delivering and using insurance policy forms which have not been filed and approved by the Insurance Commissioner; improperly misappropriating and converting money received in the course of doing insurance business; having used fraudulent, coercive, or dishonest practices, and by demonstrating and showing himself to be, and is also deemed by the Insurance Commissioner that he is incompetent, untrustworthy, and a source of injury and loss to the public; and by forging anotherís name to documents related to an insurance transaction. 4/4/2011 Order Revoking License 11-0049

McIntosh, Kyle L.
Mukilteo, WA
Mr. McIntoshís probation violation and pending charges of Trespassing and Obstruction/False Statement demonstrate dishonest practices and untrustworthiness authorizing the OIC to issue his producerís license on a probation basis for the first licensing period. 12/21/2011 Consent Order Setting Conditions for Probationary Producerís License 11-0278

Medical Savings Insurance Company
Indianapolis, IN
Capital and Surplus below minimum. 3/14/2011 Order Suspending COA 11-0041

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These enforcement actions taken by Mike Kreidler, Washington state Insurance Commissioner, are a primary tool in protecting the people of Washington.

Type of Entity Authority to Suspend or Revoke Authority to Fine
Agent or broker RCW 48.17.530 RCW 48.17.560
Insurance company RCW 48.05.140 RCW 48.05.185
Health care service contractor RCW 48.44.160 RCW 48.44.166
Health maintenance organization (HMO) RCW 48.46.130 and RCW 48.46.135

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