Designated responsible licensed person (DRLP)

This person is assigned by a business entity (BE) as the licensed individual producer responsible for making sure the BE license complies with the laws and rules of Washington state. See RCW 48.17.090, RCW 48.17.173 and WAC 284-17-603 (

  • When an existing BE does not name a DRLP, it will be unable to renew the BE license.
  • If, at any point, the DRLP license becomes inactive, the BE is required to name another DRLP within 30 days or the BE license will be canceled.
  • A BE may update their DRLP online on their renewal application. If you need to update the DRLP outside of the BE license renewal period, please contact us.

If a BE wants to transact travel insurance business, keep in mind that it must:

  1. Have a producer license with the travel line of authority, and
  2. The DRLP for the agency must have a producer license with the travel line of authority.

Updated 02/04/2016

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