Adding/removing affiliations

Any individual licensee who represents a business entity (agency) or acts on its behalf, must have their individual license associated to the agency's license by means of an affiliation. See WAC 284-17-473 (

Adding, maintaining and renewing affiliations

To add new affiliations, the business entity needs to log into the agency-license account via our website. There is a $20 fee for each new affiliation.

An affiliation is good from its effective date until the next expiry date of the business entity license or the affiliated individual license becomes inactive.

Business entity licensees must renew affiliations as part of their license renewal.

Terminating affiliations

To cancel an existing affiliation, the business entity needs to log into the agency-license account via our website. There is no fee to cancel an affiliation.

In the event that a business entity will not terminate an affiliation record, an individual may submit a request to our office to cancel it manually. The individual must address a postal letter, fax or email to the affiliating authority, carbon copying the Office of the Insurance Commissioner.

Designated responsible licensed person (DRLP)

Business entity licensees must provide a designated responsible licensed person (DRLP) in order to maintain an insurance license. Because the DRLP is a representative of the business entity, the DRLP should also be affiliated in accordance with the rule above.

Affiliated individual licenses

A business entity must have at least one affiliated individual licensee in order to transact insurance business. If the business entity holds more than one type of license it must affiliate at least one individual license for each license type, except for title- or crop-adjuster licenses.

Updated 02/04/2016

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