Submit a continuing education (CE) course roster

The online roster program requires providers to report CE credits for licensees within 10 days of course completion. Our online roster program will accept a late roster but repeated violations of the 10-day roster rule can result in an enforcement action.

Your account

To utilize the online roster-submission program, you'll need to create an account on our website by registering. If you have not registered yet, email our education analyst and registration information can be emailed to you.

If you have registered but forgot your password, use the "Forgot Password?" link in the "To access your account" box to reset your account and have a new password emailed to your registered email address.

Your User ID begins with the letters LIC, followed by your provider number. Example: LIC111111.

Log into our secure online services to submit your rosters.

Roster guidelines

Submit one roster, per course, per day. For example, If there was a morning presentation of the course (one-to-four-hour course) and an afternoon presentation of the same course, you can only submit one roster for the day.

If the same course is presented in two locations on the same day, there can only be one roster; combine the attendees into one roster.

If the attendee has already used the course for CE credit in the past three years, he or she cannot be added as an attendee. You will receive an error message.

Credit requests from producers

If a producer initially declines insurance CE credit on the registration form, but later decides to request CE credit, you have 10 days to submit the roster and issue a certificate from the date you are notified the producer would like CE credit.

Your instructor credits

To give an instructor CE credit for the course you will need to enter the instructor information under "instructor" then add the instructor as an "attendee" also. This will give the instructor double credit. To get double CE credit, there can only be one instructor for the course.

If two instructors taught the same course on the same day at different locations, you can only enter one instructor on the roster for double credit. If both need double credit, then you can enter one instructor on the roster and send a request to the OIC for CE credit for the second instructor.

Updated 12/08/2014

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