Continuing education (CE) course renewal

A CE course is effective for two years from the date of approval.

Approximately 40 days before the month the course will expire, a renewal notice will be sent to the provider. For example, notices for courses expiring in March are mailed to the provider by January 20.

  • The renewal notice letter must be completed and returned to the OIC for review.
  • If the course is renewed, a new course-approval letter will be mailed.
  • If the course is declined, an email notification will be sent.
  • If you do not receive either determination, contact our office for a status before the course expires.

Courses may be renewed if the course has not changed and the course meets current standards.

If changes have been made to the course, a new course-application (PDF, 16KB) is required.

The renewal notice must be received by the OIC no later than the last day of the month in which the course expires. If the notice is late, the course will not be renewed.

A CE provider's authority remains active until after their last CE course expires. If a CE provider's authority has become inactive, it can be activated again by submitting a provider-application form (PDF, 42KB) with a course-application form (Word, 40KB). A provider will not be approved until their first course is approved.

Updated 10/28/2014

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